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I wish I could fit the amazingness of this day into this tiny little Instagram rectangle but I can't ☹️
Meagan and Michael (and I) laughed through this entire session.. before AND a bottle a Veuve was popped.
SO looking forward to your wedding next year you guys!
Literally had sprint to all the different locations for the session during the last bit of light but would you LOOK at this 😁😁 Totally worth it. Thanks Holly and James for a fabulous evening! (Check out my story for more!)
Emily is probably the sweetest person I have ever met and Connor is equally amazing and they weren't mad at ALL when I showed up late and frantic today because I went the wrong way around the mountain. Anyway so... here are some photos of the sweetest, most beautiful people. (Check my story for more.. also to see a video of a fox pooping!)
Just took a 3 day hiking trip to the goat rocks! Check out my story if you want to see more, it was amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
My (amazing!) hair artist (@alayciahairdesign go check her out!) requested a selfie of me w/ my new color (also amazing!) and I may have gotten a little carried away 😏