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This one was hard earned for Pat. FS invert on a mental wind feature up in British Columbia. I went down into the gut after we got this one. Standing under this thing was powerful. Felt like looking at a huge wave. @patmoore on the backdoor of the new TWS. 💎🙌🏻
Straying from the pack can be a nerve racking choice to make. That said, there ain't no surprise that Travis, Robin, Austen, Fox, Chip & their crew dipped off the grid and created something completely different this past year. Their movie "Depth Perception" showed for the first time last night at a packed theater up in Bozeman Montana. Crazy terrain, crazy riding & a fully deep look at everything from the members of the crew, to the environment around them, a tip of the hat to the locals and their guide - all with a flavor, and an originality that was masterfully curated. Nice work ladies and gentlemen 💎
Ferg's movie "Hail Mary" is up on ESPN - make a perfect crispy grilled cheese, pour yourself a root beer & watch it ASAP. @tylerorton_ | @ben_ferguson | @gabriel.b.ferg 💎💎💎T.O. & I were shooting 400mm full barb with our shirts off when Ben cracked this Indy.
Selects from last nights Million Dollar Race in Las Vegas. That town is strong and resilient, flags flew high & lights shined bright... Jason Anderson was back, fmx demo was wild, and Musquin dominated three heats to walk away with a cool mill 🏁 Photos of @tylerbereman | @marvinmusquin25 |@elhombre21 | @nateadams741
Arthur contemplating climbing this wall of timber on a misty down day morning spent traipsing around a lumberyard in Revelstoke // @arthur_longo for @vans 🏁
@derreklever for Adidas // always love seeing this @loonparksnh rail exchange up on Hood... like a portal to the east coast 🙃
@bryaniguchi leading the pack on a storm day in interior B.C. // 🌊
Highwayside California Oak skeleton photographed in afternoon light yesterday.
@travisrice mind expanding air time in Wyoming 🔮🏁💎
Speed Test // @camzink followed by @carsonstorch (up top☝🏼) followed by @tylermccaul last week in Nevada 🏁
@camzink at his home trails in Nevada last week. 🏁⚡️
Too many firsts to count this weekend in The Sierras - thanks for keeping me alive in every sense of the word @myshellparker
Layers off the desert floor during a passing storm rolling through Death Valley. Place is always magic & I always seem to roll up on it with some crazy light falling across..
@jpminibike's Arriflex in Hokkaido... fave inanimate object to photograph, especially with a light dusting of high grade Japanese powder 🇯🇵🍦
@scottyjames31 photographed in Aspen for @redbull 🌶💎 fun seeing some of our pipe frames opening up the new mags :)
@blakepaul cruising through the burnt forest in Revelstoke. Always love shooting in these eerie monochrome burn zones 🍄
Common interest in rental car upgrades... Quick rip to Denver to see Sturgil Simpson with @myshellparker 🏁🏁🏁
130 miles 🏁 // Despite AM thunderstorms & snow in the high passes, MTNs to Desert Gran Fondo ran yesterday. A fast paced jaunt from Telluride to Gateway, the pelotons were exposed to heavy downpours for half the ride before stretching into the desert and finally drying off. Took this photo of my trusty bike during a weather hold, then hauled ass - this sport is wild... so fun out on the roads with (well off the back of) the crew! @myshellparker💎 @hilareeoneill🏆 @jimwmorrison🏆
Woke up to a snow squall 🙌🏻 won't be long till we're racing our slashes // @blakepaul for @thenorthface 🏁 #theproducer #delivers