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Trying to soak up this view of Navy Pier while we have it.
One more I ❤️ Chicago snap from last night's walk around the new neighborhood.
Perhaps seeing the start of the @chimarathon should inspire me to take up running. Instead, I'm only inspired to have another cup of coffee. Good luck, runners!
The new pad has a front row seats or tomorrow's marathon. Good luck, runners. I'll be toasting you with a donut and cup of coffee from the comfort of my balcony. #teamfatty
A quick snap from our first evening walk in our new 'hood. We were just going to pick up some groceries, but with a view like this we couldn't help but walk around and take it all in.
B'bye Sherwin Manor. It was a sometimes fun, sometimes challenging decade of first time homeownership. We're going to take a year off to focus on This American House and rent in an apartment building. But we're leaving you, our little condo in RP, in good hands. Have fun @shorty1876!
I'm ready to decorate the hell out of this place. Movers do all the heavy lifting tomorrow - including ALL the stuff we've bought since signing the lease about a month ago and has been sitting in boxes in storage since. Plus, the the new sofa arrives on Thursday. Let's get movin'!
Picking up the keys to call this place home for the next year. Expect lots of movin' on up references.
I tried my hand at a telegraph machine today. I think I'll stick to texting.
Old school wooden train car from 1902. A little more rustic than the CTA.