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  Posted: Apr 30, 2012 7:36 PM FEED
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  • @lobug11 he put it inside of a gift bag with pads and candy, too, to top it off. lol. #hesnuts.

  • Bahahahahaha. I was joking with him yesterday that he wasn't being sensitive enough and then get all of this when he picked me up from one of my classes this morning. He's so corny and he knows it, lol.

  • @lobug11 oops forgot to tag you in that last comment.

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i told her to look off into the distance + think longingly about how much she loves chasing leaves blowing down the sidewalk 🍂🖤🐕
nah, jkjk. i'm sure tyler was standing above me here making ridiculous noises to get her attention 😂👌🏻 #thosedogparents
four years ago, on a chilly, grey morning in October...i rode out on a golf cart to hide behind a vibrant red apple tree in the middle of an orchard in the hometown where we grew up. i can still remember the crisp, chill in the air, the smell of wet leaves in the grass, + the fluttering feeling of butterflies in my stomach because the kind of husband i had prayed for my whole life...was you.
i stood there in my swiss-polka dotted, white dress + mustard yellow sweater...feeling more in love with you than ever before. + as i stood there, waiting for you, i thought of all of the memories we had made together in the nearly three years leading up to that day. there were so many many belly many moments + stories we had shared together. they all came flooding back. i didn't think it was possible to love you more than i did in that moment...the moment when you came around the apple tree + i got to hug you for the first time on the day we would officially become husband + wife.
the time we spent together in the orchard that morning painted the most perfect picture for how our marriage would be...we walked around, hand in hand. together. taking in all of the beauty around us. the oranges + yellows. the perfect fall day. we were the most joyful versions of ourselves. starting our new chapter together during our favorite season...our favorite month.
...and then came that unexpected rain that wasn't in our plans which forced us to hop on the golf cart to head back. we turned the key...nothing. we looked at each other nervously as the rain began to fall harder. we ended up squeezing beneath what felt like the world's tiniest umbrella + walked 1/2 a mile back through the orchard, laughing together about what was happening the entire way. we shrugged off something that could have possibly "ruined" our special moments together. we chose gratefulness, we chose laughter, we chose to not sweat the small stuff. we chose us. + in those moments i realized THIS is why we fit. why we made sense. + why we would make the very best team. the why behind our decision to promise forever to each other.
(continued below)
wishing Kentucky could look a little bit more like Vermont did this time last year - carefully curated autumnal porches, dancing leaves in the distance, + all 🍂🍁🌲
i love this guy more than he loves the churros at @disneyland...and, trust me, that's a lot 🏰🖤🍡
today was the cool, crisp kind of October day we've all been missing + i soaked it in on the porch with our new @crosleyradio 📻
today's autumn tunes: @thecivilwars, + @mumfordandsons 🍂🖤🎧
the first of many autumn rains smelled smoky, like a doused campsite fire, as if the ground itself had been aflame during those hot summer months. it smelled like burnt piles of collected leaves, the cough of a newly revived chimney, roasted chestnuts, the scent of a man’s hands after hours spent in a wood shop. // @leslyewalton 🌧🌲🔥⚒🍂
because i haven't spammed y'all with a picture of pumpkins in, like, what...4 days?!?! this is WAY past due 🍂🎃
this time last week we were hunting down cute coffee shops in Oregon! (we also got to hang with the adorable owners of this coffee shop at the wedding we filmed! @maryboyden ☺️☕️)
so happy about the next couple weeks of rest we have ahead of us - as much as i enjoy hunting down the world's cutest coffee shops with my guy, staying in @airbnb's, + filming the sweetest stories - i just REALLY love the feeling of waking up in our own bed in our little apartment, snuggling on the porch with our pup, + the scent of a homemade pot of coffee filling our home. a couple of weeks to rest, pause, slow down, seek simplicity, + just be... i'll take it 👌🏻☕️🖤🍂
this time last year, we were road-tripping through New England with our 7 month old golden retriever + falling for every little corner of Vermont 🖤
oh, and happy #fridaythe13th! 🍂🌙🕸
5 years ago tomorrow, this guy asked me if I would be his forever. my best yes, yet 🎃🖤🍂 #engageaversary
pretty ready for Halloween after riding the haunted mansion at @disneyland yesterday! it's completely decked out in pumpkins + all things nightmare before Christmas right now! 🍂🖤🎃
got surprised by our Seattle friends at the airport on sunday + spent Monday at @disneyland. heart = happy 🖤
from colorado to kentucky to oregon to....
we're off tomorrow morning to celebrate our OWN anniversary all next week! we're pumped!!! 😍🖤
so....let's play a game called guess where tyler + allison are heading to celebrate their YEAR NUMBER 4?!?!?! hint: we're pretty positive it's going to be absolutely magical 😭💫
the 90's kid in me could cry...#halloweentown came to life today as we walked through the town it was filmed in in Oregon! we've been watching this movie for 19 years + it was so fun to feel like a Cromwell for the day! 🎃🖤🐸🍂🕸🚕💀
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 11:49 PM
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my favorite pumpkins are the "ugly" ones 😍🖤🎃💫
a few days at home means i have a few days to relax, FINALLY bring out our fall decorations, + create a movie list for the month of October! 🎃here are some of my favorite fall feel movies:
• Halloweentown
• Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge
• Harry Potter series
• You've Got Mail
• Casper Meets Wendy
• Beetlejuice
• It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
• Matilda
• Halloween I & II
• Friday the 13th
• Double Double, Toil & Trouble
• Hocus Pocus
• Hotel Transylvania
• The Ring
• Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow
• The Nightmare Before Christmas
• Dan In Real Life
• Twilight series
what are your favorite movies to get you in the autumn/Halloween mood? 🍂🎃🖤📽🎞
missing the snow capped mountains + foggy drives + burnt oranges + vibrant yellows already as i currently sit here sweating in kentucky.
colorado quickly rose to the tippy top of BOTH of our favorite US travel locations this weekend - we're already dreaming of + planning on returning! 🙌🏻
where is your favorite US travel location? are you a mountain or beach kind of person? or both? i'm definitely a mountain girl alllllll the way! i love the coziness, the crisp air, + how close to God i feel when in the presence of mountains! 🏔🍂🌲🍁
as sad as we are to be leaving beautiful Colorado today, H O M E has never sounded so sweet! we're ready to sleep in our own bed + get some snuggles from our pup! 🍂🖤🏔
i've struggled with social media today, to be honest. it felt odd for me to even think about posting any of the dozens of pictures i'm still itching to share of the past few days in Colorado + here's why...
this morning, we woke up (super early😴) to the news that snow had piled down so quickly overnight that main roads were closing in the mountains. this meant we would miss our flight, which meant we would be "stuck" in Colorado for another night. and, believe me, as i type these words i can hear your thoughts already..."oh, how horrible to be "stuck" in Colorado...seriously, poor you." i promise you, i was rolling my eyes at our reaction to this situation, as well. 🙈🙄
we scrambled for two hours - deciding between driving in potentially dangerous conditions or sucking it up + rescheduling our flight for tomorrow which would cause tyler to miss a day of work + lose leave time that he's worked long days to build up for our business travels this year.
of course, we ended up choosing the safer route, even though it was also the more costly decision...which was the part that made our morning so frustrating in the first place. this morning...there was so much stress. so much panic. so many last minute changes. it felt chaotic.
and then i received a text from my mom, who knows we've been in the mountains hidden away from the real world for the past several days: "have you all heard what happened in Las Vegas?" at that point, we hadn't. i opened google as soon as i received her text + in an instant my whole entire world felt like it shifted...
i became filled with fear. anger. guilt. and then sadness. so much sadness as i saw the numbers. it was hard fighting back the tears as i read news articles about what was happening in our country over night in a popular place that so many of our friends + family frequent often. it could have easily been them...
immediately, our little "problems" became so small on the grand scale of we were upset over lost money + changed plans, while people two states over were fearing for their lives + mourning the losses of their loved ones who were so selfishly taken from them in an instant.
october is our love language + we're so happy that the most wonderFALL time of the year is here! 🎃🕯🖤🍂🕸