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  Posted: Apr 30, 2012 7:00 PM FEED
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Posted: Oct 23, 2017 1:07 AM
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I hope you had a colorful weekend!
Samuel‘s Florist in Burbank decided to give up its storefront and go completely online, but fortunately they donated their three fabulous neon signs to the Museum of neon Art in Glendale! I was fortunate enough to be present when the signs were taken down yesterday and loaded onto a truck bound for the museum’s warehouse in Pomona. @museumofneonart #neonmona
It says Glendale, but this is on the Jersey Shore! ( Don’t ask me what exit! 😂)
This sign literally took my breath away! Unfortunately the motel is long gone and the future of this sign is in jeopardy. 😕 #rockets #moonshot #savethissign #thisplacematters
I couldn’t get enough of this beautiful original neon sign in Wildwood. Night shot to follow!
So glad @sign_of_the_time wanted to stop here for pizza on the way to JFK. The pizza is amazing!
Neon bamboo and a Hawaiian surfer girl! Welcome to the Alakai Motel in Wildwood!
It has been a dream of mine to visit Wildwood New Jersey for some time. I was able to wedge a quick overnight into Wildwood on the way home from Nashville. I know what you're thinking Wildwood is not on the way to California, but we sign hunters bend the laws of physics to get to the good stuff! Thanks to @sign_of_the_time and @rolandopujol for giving up their weekend to show me around! I'm warning you now, the next few weeks will all be Wildwood shots!
One nice thing about living in Los Angeles is being able to grab a shot of a giant do-nut on the way to the airport! Shot from the car - sorry about the visual intrusions! 🚗🍩
I'm very excited to be a speaker at this year's STORY Gatherings in Nashville next week. The lineup is incredible and I am humbled to be in such great and diverse company. I was an attendee at last year's STORY and was so impressed and inspired. I hope I can live up to that high bar. The subject of my talk is: Storytelling in the Dimensional World where I will talk about what I have learned in my 27 years as a writer for Walt Disney Imagineering.
Union Station - Los Angeles. All aboard! 🚆
I tried to give the Gold Room a golden edit...
Ocean Plaza - Miami Beach - My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Florida this weekend. 🙏🏼 This is from last November in Miami Beach, an Art Deco wonderland!