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  Posted: Apr 30, 2012 3:51 PM FEED
1 Sierra
gokidd 5y ago
National Geographic with Chelsea

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gokidd 1w ago
Somewhere on the Oregon coast
gokidd 1w ago
So I googled a picture of this of the first photos that came up was of a truck stuck in the sand and the tide had come up, so then I was like YES - let’s go there. Pro tip: DO NOT DRIVE INTO THE WAVES, 4runners are not WaveRunners.
gokidd 3w ago
For now ya'll can catch me down by the tracks near the Ballard locks while I'm trying to get my vehicle situation sorted✌️Most likely gonna get that new #supreme rig tho. #brokensocialscene #antisocialsocialclub
gokidd 4w ago
Seoul consumption. Could you eat something that's still alive as you are consuming it? Nope.
gokidd 1M ago
Them luscious thick board leaves
gokidd 1M ago
Seriously people --- what's with feeding pigeons? #birdfeeders