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jaxxpix 285w ago
This used to be somebody's castle once....

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jaxxpix 69w ago
Another great memory! Time to go to the mountains again!
jaxxpix 69w ago
Awesome memories of a great week-end away!
jaxxpix 81w ago
Up close with a hard working ant
jaxxpix 81w ago
What I found on my bed... How cute are they??
Females sometimes practice sexual cannibalism, eating their mates after copulation. Occasionally, the females decapitate the males just before or during mating.
jaxxpix 88w ago
"Thank you South Africa for keeping me alive!" ~ Rodriguez
jaxxpix 92w ago
"Sunsets... Mother Nature's goodnight kiss ~Unknown"
2 pics taken within 20minutes of each and the sky kept changing!
jaxxpix 93w ago
A great day with fabulous friends, food and bubbly at the Route 44 market.