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  Posted: Apr 30, 2012 3:26 PM FEED
5 Brannan
Jamison really came through on this one.... GUTS MEN! Hard to come by! #g.u.t.s #actionfigure #rad

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Two wild shapes to text from @rkharris121 and the @quincywoodwrights boys for our next 15th anniversary deck! Both are 8.6 at their widest point but taper in different ways. Stoked! Rich you da man! Ripley is even stoked!
We don’t get this enough. Love being able to spend time with these jaggaloons. So glad to be who I am because of these three many pranks, bruises, tears, belly aches from laughter, and stories come from them. Thankful I was given a life shared with them....and the mum that took this photo. (And the grumpy Dad that is somewhere complaining😂)
Ripper. Welcome my dude, keep shredding and being a radical, humble person. #sixavenashville @sixavenashville
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 3:19 PM
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@saintkamarie let me be a part of another issue of the POSIDRAG zine. So many good ones this go around too, with the theme “Freaky”!!!! Go check the others out
- I love the Eerie and Creepy mags from long ago...I chose to do my own version w/ Terror Magazine. This is the Oct. 1986 Issue. Hope at least a few of you know of Mr Barlow....a much better vampire than Mr Cruise. #posidrag #bushleaguescribbles I want to make more of these covers ,really fun!
@gifthorsenashville is one of the best spots in nashville. This @friendprices stuff is face melting. Thanks both of you for carrying and making rad stuff! 🎃 #halloweenishere
New one. I like the Powell Ripper, so I made a version of it @sixavenashville #bushleaguescribbles
Stephanie likes notebooks, journals, books, really a lot of paper. She also likes bats, pizza, and pizza bats. I made her some notebooks and smaller notebooks for her 30th Bday. @matthewshurrrr helped (ALOT) me arrange them on a computer, then we screen printed them, cut and bind them at @grandpalace_nashville. This was a lot of fun. @regularslice 🦇
30! You're my favorite @regularslice and my best friend!!!! thanks to @sbovs and everyone that helped so much today.
@ripleythepugglin X @sixavenashville 😱 very. Very excited for these!!!!! Although the fit for her is a bit off they turned out amazing for human heads. (Swipe right) Black cotton, corduroy, black denim, and Hawaiian print! All materials and colors inspired by and paw selected by rip herself. 😊 #ripleythepugglin