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Me too. . .
I don’t talk about my experiences, but I’m glad I now have a partner who adores and respects me and knows about, and will talk about, consent with me and doesn’t gloss over my experiences. I am very lucky. Thank you to all my friends who are sharing their stories and for those who are unable. I’m here for all of you. 🖤 #metoo
So much in the world is broken and I’m truly exhausted. The place where Tater poops is really beautiful, though. 🖤
Heisenberg’s booth. Los Pollos Hermanos, Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s #boyfriendday or something. So, here’s my Bb nerd.
In case you didn’t know, I have an instagram for our animals. It’s pretty cute 🖤
When @dig_my_own_grave and I drive through small Oregon towns, we see DT signs. Small town New Mexico is better than small town Oregon. I love it here.
Last month in my 20s got me feeling a little #YOLO - fire color by @agoodshag
Today ranked pretty high on the adventure scale 🖤 Thank you, @dig_my_own_grave, for being the best adventure picker 🖤🖤
Today was very productive. We also got to run around a field together 🌼
Yesterday my boys took me to Trillium Lake for sunset. It was really crowded so Tater was very distracted and difficult to photograph. But this is only the first adventure of many, so there will be plenty of opportunities for great pictures in the future 😍
@dig_my_own_grave surprised me and took me to the California Redwoods. He always picks the perfect adventures.
Having a few days off on an adventure with @dig_my_own_grave has me as happy as this crabby looks 🦀
This looks like a super beautiful moment where a six year old didn't decide that the soda was all her own 😂