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"The only limits in life are the ones you make."
Meet the very friendly and effective coaches of Snap Fitness Timog. These three will keep you on track towards your fitness goals. 💪
Monday grind. Thank you Snap Fitness Timog for keeping me on track! 💪
When you're a big fan but everything at Central Perk is too expensive. Thank you Rein! 😆
Hosted the press conference of "I Am Jake Zyrus" happening on October 6 at the Music Museum. Nice to meet you @jakezyrusmusic! ☺
A keychain for the ultimate rockstar, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Thank you Kirk Damasco of @worshipgeneration for the rockin' keychain. 🙏
Hey it's Tony and Maria of West Side Story! Splendid performance from the US tour group and these two just made magic happen. 👏👏👏
Hello, I'm Chad. And I'm your host for tonight. 🎤
So how does the common Jasmine Funko Pop become a piece worth keeping?
When it's signed by Princess Jasmine herself, Ms. Lea Salonga. 😍 Thank you Lea! Hope to meet you soon. 😆
Thank you @eugeyes for making it happen. 😚
Just add water for instant traffic.
My only photo at #toycon2017 with @archibaldtolentino and his #WonderWoman collection! Great seeing you Archie!
Can't help but hear The Circle of Life play when I see this. Thank you @bastigolez for Simba! 😆
Thank you @ysaskinandbodyexperts SM Cherry Shaw boulevard branch for taking care of me today! Their Gluta IV and drip are 40% off the whole of May! 😉