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Off you go to do great things. ✨While you're away, I hope that you find immense happiness and fulfillment in your studies at Oxford. Go be a champion, make me proud and fill your mind with knowledge of this world. Although I will miss you tremendously, what brings me comfort is knowing that you'll soon come back and share your knowledge with me. Let your new home offer comfort and be a place of warmth and grounding. I'll be here for you, always in your corner, backing and cheering you on! You're my champion and I love you.
Travel safely.
#ohtheplacesyouwillgo #champion #oxford #throwback #thenightwemet
Squasha, it's your birthday! 🎈🎉I hope that this fresh year brings with it exciting opportunities, the greatest adventures and an abundance of happiness and blessings. I miss you tremendously and I wish I could be with you to celebrate your special day. Sending all my love to you, my stunning sister. ❤️
My Dostoyevsky reading buddy celebrates his birthday today. 🎉 I love my Champion!