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  Posted: Apr 30, 2012 7:40 AM FEED
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I am finally back with the incomparable @katetangerman
Listen away! 🎧
Song: Band on the Run
Band: Wings
I know you missed my face.
Take a listen 🎧
Song: Train in Vain
Artist: The Clash
Divisive Operational Surgery
Watercolor (400lb cold press paper)
Back to the gruesome. 🎧
Song: Yours Truly, 2095
Artist: ELO
Album: Time
Pulchritudinous Pepsi
Watercolor (400lb cold press paper)
@katetangerman @pepsi
Back with the gorgeous @katetangerman! Feel free to listen 🎧
Song: The Logical Song
Artist: SuperTramp
Album: Breakfast in America
A year ago, two of my close friends got married! Happy Anniversary and @hunter_oden
Watercolor (180lb cold press paper)
Adonic Anomaly
Watercolor (280lb paper)

150+ hours later and @katetangerman is finally complete.
The beautiful @katetangerman has graciously stepped in as my model, if for no other reason than to save you guys from another self portrait.
Song: Flutes
Artist: Hot Chip
Visceral Validity
Watercolor (140lb paper)
Listen 🎧
Song: I Would Hurt a Fly
Artist: Built to Spill
Sadistic Symbiosis
Watercolor (140lb paper)
Advice 🎧
Song: Everybody's Free
Artist: Baz Luhrmann
Corrosive Connection
5 1/2" x 8"
Watercolor (300lb paper)
Malfunctioning Malware
Watercolor (300lb paper)
Song: Good Guy
Artist: Serengeti
Album: Kaleidoscope
I see a problem
Watercolor (300lb paper)
Counterfeit Christ
Watercolor (140lb paper)
Deliberate Delusion
Song: Hurt
Artist: Johnny Cash
After much consideration and deliberation, I have decided to abandon watercolor in favor of going completely digital.