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  Posted: Apr 30, 2012 7:24 AM FEED
1 X-Pro II
Catholic church Polish motorcycle rally. Only in my hood. Love it. #chicago

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We waited out the rain this evening and were rewarded with this incredibly gorgeous sunset. Now I get to bonfire with the loveliest ladies @fleurinc + @misfitfarmer s’mores. #autumn #chicago #sunset
This rooftop okra always gets me. We don't really grow enough okra to make an impact on the hotel's F&B operations - but instead grow it to showcase the diversity of crops that can be cultivated in a container garden on a raw rooftop space, in the Midwest and in the heart of a city. This is a learning garden for city growers just as much as it is a gorgeous garden serving the many kitchens of one of Chicago's most historic hotels. Thank you Chef Henry for letting us cultivate all the fun, unusual stuff each season! @stephenh2016 @hiltonhotels @palmerhousehilton #verduragardens #kitchengarden
Drove this cucuzza squash all the way from Birmingham to Chicago as it was generously gifted to me by @maryfrancesheck 's Uncle Lou, who happens to be an incredibly gifted gardener with the tallest okra plants I've ever laid eyes on! This Sicilian squash varietal, affectionately known by fellow paisans as "gagootz", will end up as delicious cucuzza parmigiana...and I'll probably have enough for thirty people when I'm done, so who wants to come over? Thanks Uncle Lou for this beautiful squash! ❤️🇮🇹#cucuzza #squash #garden