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the eclipse was sick obvs. none of the pics turned out obvs. so here's one from the night before. pretty insane demo of the #7plus we didn't even have moonlight, this is denver light pollution reflecting off the clouds and then back down onto lower #chinnslake i could barely see it once my eyes adjusted and honestly don't even know why i tried to capture it. v surprised looking through the photos later on... 🌑🏔🔵↙️☁️↖️🏙
day 2: skateboarding is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. #backtothebasics #notmyquotebutiforgetwhereisawit
first day back in 1.3yrs. i've always hated vert but golden has this new quick over-vert that just looked really fun to learn. it feels so weird. basically just fuckin kick turns but that shot with the kid doing a wheelie in the background is tight either way. also forgot the tripod. 🎥: @cellphoneleanedoncoorstallboy
have you ever had your world turned upside down? @also_chasecameron has some tattooless replacement Jean Beauchamp in his contacts and is trying to push me out. #downwithdoppelgangers but seriously- that mouth and eyebrows? this is dead on.
you can't do the wide screen on multiple videos and i'm not re-editing every clip. so here's mine.. 🎥: @tilagoblin