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Congratulations to my little sister-you finally did it! All your hard work and determination paid off! Today your dreams became our reality. The sky's the limit little sister! Enjoy your shoutout on my IG. It's as rare as issue #1 of the Amazing Spider-Man comic. #dereksdream #ucla #uclagrad #razagrad #littlesister
Version 2.0 for all my old school peeps! Some people might be too young to understand this background. #dereksdream #lasers #nothingliketheoldschool
To many more graduations! Thank you to all the teachers and staff at Good Shepherd for your kindness and attentiveness to teaching. #dereksdream #mylittlegraduate
Sitting down tonight and reflecting on an interesting past year. Extremely grateful to everyone for all the support from the moment of my diagnosis. To my family, friends and co-workers, you really made my recovery process a lot more manageable. The cards, balloons, cookies and Chinese food were greatly appreciated. The phone calls of encouragement and blessings made my tough nights of no sleep easier on my body, mind and soul. If I didn't say thank you at some point during this process--please accept them now and forever. Cheers to the first year of being cancer free and shout out to my wife and kids for being my drive to live every day!#dereksdream #fuckcancer