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#mood I have been battling severe back pain for about 6 months now. After being stubborn for a while then 3 months of the healthcare process. I found out I have kidney stones too large to pass. Approx 13mm. So today I had them removed and other than the pain of the shockwave therapy I can already feel relief in my back. Psyched to wake up and not be in pain. Also, if you've had them before, please, there is no need to mention how bad they hurt. I know, they really fucking hurt.
Was putting the boat lift in today on top of this girls bed. She didn't like it and kept biting at my feet so I grabbed my rod and ripped a lip.
Congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend for graduating summa cum laude from UW Eau Claire majoring in Kinesiology. One step closer to being my Suga momma.
2016 was a great year. One of the highlights was filming @zakhale 's real snow. I believe this is the first trick we filmed for his part and was actually taken in 2015, but fuck it. Cheers to 2016! I stole the photo from @fukin_a_wright
Was able to go to my 3rd game this month today and was able to see another packer win!!! Happy Holidays everyone! Cheers!
People say the sky is the limit when it comes to fashion. @joesexton1817 says there is NO limit.
Spent last week on the prairie in North Dakota at uncle Freddy's cabin. We had a lot of great shoots and drank a lot of whiskey!!!
When you're trying sell to the city folk. Enjoy your organic fire.
In Atlanta for the week for work and I believe this is where the players play, and they ride on dem thangs like every day
Big beats, hit streets, see gangsters roamin
and parties dont stop 'til eight in the mornin.
Had a great weekend at the Lumberjack World Championships. Unfortunately I did not compete but I did have the opportunity to be one of the emcees for the competition. It was so fun to see everything from a different perspective. Thank you to everyone who helped me throughout the weekend, and congratulations to all the world champions!!!
Filming behind the scenes at the Stihl timbersports national championship in Chicago for Brute Forge Racing Axes. Good luck to all the competitors today. You can live stream the competition on Stihl timbersports website at 5pm central.
It's always a nice peaceful morning on water when fishing with @joesexton1817
I've spent the last few days in northern Alberta interviewing some of the people displaced by the fort Mcmurray wild fire. The stories are absolutely incredible about how people got out. This morning the winds changed again and filled the town we're staying in with smoke about 120 miles from the fire.
Had an amazing weekend with all my boys from back home for @tsuhs41 bachelor party. Always a treat getting this group of guys back together. @gweed358 @gari0688 @tproloff3