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sumaan 5d ago
Happy Birthday to this brilliant man who inspires all, is beyond dedicated to his craft, gets hyped to the cheesiest songs with me and makes me the happiest girl every single day. You and your work will only flourish from here so cheers to many great years ahead! ❤😘🔑 So excited to celebrate you, Nikkolos! 📸 @royrollin
sumaan 4w ago
These gentlemen, their works, their endeavors. They lead by actions and in doing so, they challenge me to see beyond myself in order to make a greater impact in all that we do. Congratulations on CHICO, which is still on view! #kings #dreamhausla #burningbenjamins
sumaan 7w ago
Did a sound bath for the first time and it was the most difficult / amazing experience ever. Still vibrating, missing the weekend. 📸 @thehonorablemohammed
sumaan 9w ago
Proud of you Sissy ♥️♠️
sumaan 9w ago
This time last year we were dying in grad school but it's okay cuz team work af. #friendshipgoals 💙 📸: @whestcornell
sumaan 11w ago
Proud. I am proud to have watched you nurture your craft day in and day out. I am proud of your visions that continue to be bigger than yourself. I am proud to call you one of my best friends, honored rather. As you spread your wings in NY, your aspirations will only grow and your talents will unfold even more. You'll continue to inspire. You won't be that far away but you've been my security blanket, my left hand(ed) man, my confidant and brother. It'll be tough to know you're not just a drive away but distance ain't got nothing on our friendship. Continue to make those B0$$ M0v3Z! KILL IT B! 💙😭🙏🏽 #KIT #HAGS #NeverChange #puppies #uxxvltl #twinning
sumaan 13w ago
There are too many memories to count that happened in this great space but at the end of the day, this place was just a "building" (but if these walls could talk, we could make a movie)! DREAMHAUS is a movement and a feeling -- bigger than us and I'm forever grateful for all of it. So, stay posted! #dreamhausoverwhitehouse 📷 @mikereesay
sumaan 13w ago
See you on Sunday because @thehonorablemohammed's show is still up, still absolutely incredible and Burning Benjamins are going to grace us with their musical magic once again! 🔥
sumaan 16w ago
I'm blessed to witness this man work tirelessly on everything that he cares so much about, only to share it with the world. Saying how proud I am of him is an understatement. 🔐 "Home Scents, Home Sense, Home Cents", a solo exhibition by @thehonorablemohammed is this Saturday evening. See you there!
Poster Design: Me
Photography: @yesterdays_cow
Sounds: @mikereesay & @royrollin
Collab Piece With: @mjgnnc
sumaan 22w ago
This was the best thing I could've given you today because you've given me everything and more.💖 #MOM #MFA
sumaan 22w ago
On my 28th year of life today, I'm celebrating with no fear, a full heart and a clear mind. Today, I launched a personal project of mine that is meant to remind one another how important we ALL are in this giant universe. This project was inspired by the simple act of saying THANK YOU to those who have been witnesses to my good, bad and best days. It's also dedicated to those who are negatively effected by our political, social and economic climate today - don't give up. @smbdy2me scarves can now be purchased and sent to your loved ones as a reminder that they are seen, heard and appreciated. It takes just that to make all the difference in someone's day/month/year/life. You (yeah, you) are not just anybody. You are somebody to me.
Cheers! #smbdy2me pc: @thehonorablemohammed
sumaan 23w ago
Extra C🔥🔥L babes. And then there's me. Are those pants or shorts? Idk.
sumaan 24w ago
Thank you @smullowney for giving our girl another reason to glow. We love you two! @julianneyy 💍♥️