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Another old dog happily snoozing away. Felice is a Afghan Hound,13 & imported from Histonia

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I have been really feeling bad an not out of bed much so was thrilled to get outside for a few and grill hot dogs , chicken, steak burgers and a huge tenderloin of filets for the workers at the doggie daycare today! With over 200 dogs their this weekend they were happy to get a nice meal! I'm exhausted now though!
This is a clients dog, a regular at our doggie daycare an sleepover center and his name is so fitting! This is Quasimodo! I made this for his people last night!
My baby girl Banshee waiting for the morning crew to get here at 6 am so we can go to bed!
Well here goes! Starting treatment number one! Sure hope it works! I so want to see and hear all my music friends again one more time at least! I'm hoping they say it shrunk away in a couple weeks! It came on so sudden!
My miracle machine! Hoping it zaps my new spinal cancer pressing on my distinct nerve numbing my lower regions! No sensation to go potty! Very scary but I am strong and surrounded by love! Please keep me in your thoughts prayers and send good karma an healing light! 13 to 39 more treatments!
Drs say I'll soon need colostomy and cath then wheelchair. Depending on how far it's traveled already I could have up to 3 years some as a paraplegic. I'm OK with this an don't need pity! I've beat it 15 years! Look at the living I've done! I have all of you and nearly emptied my bucket list! Not giving up! No way! Send me all the healing u can and never forget me or the joy you gave me!
My cancer is back w a vengeance! It has matasticized into my spinal cord and bones of my spine. I'm on large doses of steroids and radiation to shrink it to help my pain but I have no feeling in my saddle area or left leg! Need all my friends to send prayers, healing light, good karma and love! This is scary and I need & love you all!
My amazing friend since she was a toddler! @christinachriss lead singer for Detroit's own @kaleidoband! I am so dang proud of Christina & these guys! Love them so! Patiently awaiting the day collab w @ciscoadler materializes! HITS HITS HITS HITS HITS!!!😎😀
I met @riffraff at WARPED TOUR this year! I love RiffRaff & LOVE WARPED tour! @kevinlyman is one of my heros! Thanks Kevin so much for all u do & the happiness you bring so many people!hugs!
It was great getting to see my wonderful friends @mickey_avalon & @minnie_avalon a few days ago!! Such amazingly special people I am honored to call my friends! How fortunate our pathes crossed! I love you so!
Have I told you lately that I love you?
Her last crash last week. I was up ;8 hrs giving her ivs and anti nausea meds and taking her potty every hour. Got her back from this one in time to love her 4 more days! Her little body just couldnt take it anymore! I always told her I will fight this w both barrels as long as you want to baby girls just let me know when you don't want to do it anymore. And she did! There is no love like the love of a great dog! Theses a special place in whatever afterlife you believe in for such a sweet pure heart who loved everyone & never met a stranger! How privileged I was that she was sent to me to take care of and to impact my life the way she did! Im a mess an I miss her terribly but Id have not given up the chance to have her for the time I did! I love you Angelbaby!
Id just got her a new cover hammock bed she loved an only got to use one day. Im so sad
Angel's last photoshoot the day before she crashed so bad & i could't bring her back. She came to me to help her an I couldnt so I knew it was time. We spent a nice night cuddling & she went to heaven in the morning. Im crushed, Banshee's crushed we knew it was coming but still devastated. She had emergency surgery to remove a 51/2 lb puss fill uterus 74 days ago so those days were gifts! Im so empty right now
My Angelbaby & I taking a selfie a few hours before she left me. #mysweetAngelbaby #iloveyouAngelbaby
They told me she would never see 2. My Angelbaby stayed w me for 7 yrs 2 months & 21 days! It wasn't nearly long enough! This funny lil dog w the crooked jaw and protruding tooth that couldn't see very well & had a bit of damage from a 107 fever at 11days old. She impacted my life, taught me so much and made me a better person! Its so empty now! I had given her round the clock care & ivs and meds etc. She engaged me constantly, made me smile, made me pet hug always wanted to cuddle an would spoon all night! My heart is so broken! I knew it was coming but its still so damn terrible. Ive a new guardian Angel & banshee & I miss her here with us making us happy so bad! I love you baby girl!