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Happy birthday to my lil sister niah....we fina turn up
Once again happy birthday auntie MARYLINN.....REST IN PARADISE ...we love you
So ima try to write this with out crying..but ikno that its going to be hard...its been ten years since you have been gone ..but u will never be forgotten...i never really got to experience your presences in person but i feel you and see you through my cousins everyday...just want to take time out to say REST IN PARADISE AUNRIE MARYLINN...I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS
Bestfriend gettin his hair braided lol @ggmnovvah
This is what happens when you give my everything yo its a photo shoot
Me and my niggas be ballin...we dnt do no talkin @ggmnovvah
You B***hes hella fake gettin hella cake im the birthday girl its time to celebrate
I put these chicks in there place ..and that my attitude
And we u see us ..just know we recking ishhhh @forever_lilasian
She aint me and she aint we ...and she could NEVER BE :)
Me and my mother ....coolin or watever after the fashion show