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  Posted: Apr 29, 2012 11:54 PM FEED
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Dreamy #shipwreck 😊

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Last year, we spent Thanksgiving weekend in beautiful La Mauricie National Park, Quebec. This year, I’m at work, counting down the minutes until we leave for NB. I hope the leaves have changed!
Campfire at our cliff side site on Grand Manan Island, NB this past summer photographed with a camera converted to infrared and then did a β€œfalse colour” channel swap in Photoshop, but masked out the flames.
Tested out the @venuslaowa 12mm Zero D lens on the Humber Bay Arch Bridge last night. My review will be up on the @improvephotography website later on today.
Hello, darlings! Sorry for the absence, just a lot of life getting in the way, know what I mean? Anyone else have trouble keeping up, or is it just me?

On our last day in New Brunswick, the tide was coming in, on the salt marsh. We were only there for a few moments, but all the grass was completely submerged by the time we left. Feeling a little like the grass right now, myself...
Loving this view of the salt marsh at the mouth of the Shepody River, on the Bay of Fundy. I could watch those grasses blowing in the wind all day. (Swipe left for video).
Laverty Falls, in Fundy National Park, NB. I used my @breakthroughphotography_ 6 stop neutral density filter to slow down my shutter speed and create the flowing water effect. If you're visiting this location in the summer, I recommend a rainy day or early morning, to avoid crowds.
Back at the car, after hiking the Skerwink Trail in Port Rexton, Newfoundland, I really didn't want to take any unnecessary steps, but the sunset reflecting in the windows of this church forced me to drag my weary butt a little further down the road.