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I made a rainbow cake for our niece's 1st birthday party today but kept the rainbow part a surprise until the cake was cut 🌈
My internationally traveling savvy parents just spent 10 days visiting us and adventuring around Ireland/Northern Ireland. They are amazing, we had loads of fun, and I'm SO BUMMED that they are now back in America 💔
Over dinner tonight Abe said to me: "I like how I'm good at sound and you're good at everything else." He doesn't even know how right he is 😉 But he forgot that he's also a good match for me. I'm so thankful for him. #mrandmrsthebabe
It's cold and rainy and windy, and I just got over a 24-hr stomach bug, but otherwise we are having a blast with the Holzschuh's!
It's midnight and I just took an apple cake out of the oven. I think I might have a baking problem.
I'm sad to see the weekend end because I had such an amazing time with Abe's family celebrating the marriage of Hazel and Brian. Congrats @hazcoog and @briman! #hbcwedding2017
This week I am cooking in a large tent at a campsite on the grounds of a castle for 70-80 people every meal for 8 days.
My go-to lunch is soup and bread (yes, even in summer). Today I made spicy carrot and coriander soup. The chili gave it a big kick 🤧 #katieinntraining
Abe's mom turned 50 today and I loved spending the day with the Coogan side of the family to celebrate. Happy birthday Janice!
Gorgeous summer wedding in Rush celebrating Christina and Colm.
Extra! Extra! 🗞 Today my husband is featured in the Irish Times (article also available online). I'm so proud of him and #scheelesound
Family barbecue for Abe's Grandad's 80th birthday celebration - we got lucky because it didn't rain until we finished eating 🌦
Reallying enjoying being part of the production crew at Body & Soul alongside Abe and some other sound folks this weekend. It's definitely lived up to its reputation as "Ireland's most beautiful festival"
We are in NYC less than 24 hours to visit @andyellwood and @callieleone and Andy surprises us with this adventure 😆 #katieandabeadventurehashtag
Our quick Texas trip concluded tonight with the wedding of Luke and Joanie in Dallas. I couldn't have been happier to celebrate them with some of my favorite people ❤️ #joansaw
Happy birthday to my mom @lnlwood! Glad I could be here to celebrate with you