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It’s been a hell of a day. Michael had to call off to be able to help with Kaylee’s sudden emergency. Things have settled. She’s okay. But here’s the cat who thinks he’s neglected. Because #caturday
THANK YOUUUU @creeturous and @somethingkaty for my goodies!!!!!! The macarons are amazing!!! 🕸👻🤤🤤@themacaronladies and I can’t wait to cook with the vinegar! Thank you!!!!
Accidental squishy behbeh. Obligatory selfie to commemorate today’s high self esteem and body positivity.
Our shelf holding Halloween decorations above the tv fell today. Shattering a few things. Spraying glass everywhere. A few decorations broke, including this little skeleton. Kaylee is incredibly concerned about his well being. She’s declared him “sad.” And blew kisses and is demanding I fix him. Kids are so astoundingly full of compassion. 💀🖤
Kaylee has dubbed these the Daddy Truck and the Baby Truck. 👨‍👧🚚🚜
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Still in awe I never read these stories as a child. They’re perfect for slumber parties or campfires! The art is amazing. Thanks for letting me borrow these books @jordanmaderetattoo ! I promise to get them back to you ASAP!