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  Posted: Apr 29, 2012 10:42 PM FEED
10 Toaster

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Waylon and I went up to see Preston's fiancé, Anna, and their two amazing boys, Oskar and Felix. We all had a lot of fun those 3 days. Tons of laughs, cries and more memories. Thank you so much @cobbana for having us. Thanks to Jake, @grindlineskateparks and family for the feast! 👑🍻👑 @pstonebru forever ❤️ You , Anna!!
I was evacuated at 5:30am this morning. Last night, we all were dancing in hurricane force winds not realizing what was actually happening. It's devastating and scary. This is in Bodega Bay this morning. We didn't know where to go and the becah/bay/river... whatever seemed like the safest place.
Happy Dirty 30 Sammy! ATL hozzy with Jake. First night into the 2010 Skate Rock @breezebloccloc
Show some support for the MAIGETTER FAMILY! Bring a BBQ, Bring some Brew, Blow it Out! BAD SHIT and ARCTIC blasting off at Trouble Coffee in West Oakland Sunday, September 24, 4pm-8pm FULL TILT #pstoneforever
Avoiding some asshole in their Prius who almost doored me, slipped out, went down with all my groceries. Lost Tony's board. Mad. Fuck you Prius door man. Fuck you, techie on your phone that laughed at me. And fuck me for being so mad that I stayed out till 4 last night. I'm angry. People in the City are getting even worse. Pay the fuck attention!
Anyone available in Santa Cruz that can watch Bronco for a few hours so we can take these boys to the boardwalk?
Lunch with @jenamcw .. she brought me a present. #pstoneforever ❤️ Good seein' ol' friends
I wanna thank these laydaze for my amazing birthday. Y'all really made it special! (I'm really sorry about that hot tub...a lady cesspool) 🍻 @cydneychandler @ariaarias ❤️❤️
Always stoking the fire, keeping your family, friends and strangers fed and happy. Sniffing out the brews in dry counties and middle of deserts. Showing us how to get wherever we were going.. even if you never been there before. I woke up this morning tired and groggy with puffy eyes. Then kept hearing, "ya got this". Thank you for everything, P ❤️
Posted: Sep 1, 2017 10:36 AM
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P-Stone. There's a heavy note on everyone's heart. I'm constantly thinking about Anna and the boys. ❤️❤️When everyone found out that you were "gone", I felt that you were still here, and about to pop up at any moment with some brews and BBQ. It's because you are still here. You left a path for all of us to ride on. Showed us a lot of road time. How to be..and even if you were lost or wrong, we all still got there at some point. You have helped me learn to be positive through some tough times. And snap it when it was needed. Haha. There is so much I can say. But all I hear you say--and it's forever in my brain, "Ya got it, Ash..." We love you, Preston. We Love you Anna, Oskar and Felix.
Posted: Aug 24, 2017 5:08 AM
34 Clarendon
Worst wife ever. Butt, I love you! Only picture i have on the new phone ❤️❤️❤️HAPPY BIRTHDAY @antihero_wakebladez LOVE!
Tony and I are burnt af and can't make this show. We have 2 tickets for sale for this Saturday night (the good night) when King Diamond plays. Lemmy know if you're interested!!
Bad luck since I landed in NY. Hard left fail. #lostmyphone...again
COME CATCH SOME BAD SHIT TONIGHT! House of Vans Brooklyn ! @thrashermag @burnout 7-11:30 🍻DJ Juan Love @_breakfree_ , Slashers, Change and a whole bunch of skatin and photos and noise
73 days on the road. 19 states. 8618.6 miles down. 1 Bad Shit show. Two kids and a dog. And we still love eachother. Anything is possible (with 1,800 coors lights)
I didn't know if I should post this photo or not...but then thought... this is 'merica, Damnit 🇺🇸
Full Blast! 20 years of @burnout 's photography with @thrashermag ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Witness a Bad Shit meltdown and Good Shit from @_breakfree_ TONIGHT