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Bullies are just men who don’t know they are cowards. (And let’s be frank, out of the specifics of this picture, women bullies are the same.)
Pickling celery for an egg salad thing! #FOFF17
I’ve been at work since dawn, I’m not there to pick up my man hold from his HSC exam or to see the Groveymonster off on his excursion. My washing machine is dying, my car is falling apart, my Internet is completely screwed. I’m hangry and it’s deadline day. So excuse me while this made me muttley laugh in the office.
Post first HSC exam debrief. All good. Quite happy. #exhale
When you’re texting your son about what watch/clock he wants for his HSC exams, which start tomorrow, and you burst into tears. #notsane
This translates to something like Portuguese man’s tears. It’s delicious. Take from that what you will. @stanbulirestaurant
THE HOT FLUSH is burning on this grey and gloomy morn!
I think this is staging a coup to oust the aperol spritz as my summer beverage of choice. Umeshu Kiuchi on ice, with lime and soda. @cosmicmonkii, this is your fault.