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2 of our beloved babies shared a birthday today!! Marshmallow & my Big Baby Polo who is up to a whopping 6 lbs 😍 Bry made them a cake, she wrote their names in sprinkles! Happy birthday precious kitties 😍
When you wrestle with your feelings of not wanting to get outta bed to go to church all night & morning but your little girl keeps begging to please come with her & you suck it up & go even tho you are so aggravated on the inside about it then I get on the church bus & everyone is clapping & Bryleigh is lit up like a Christmas tree saying her prayer was answered mommy came to church. That's when the ugly cry crocodile tears come out...i need to reevaluate my life. 😭 thank you little girl for not giving up on mommy & praying for me. ❀