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  Posted: Apr 29, 2012 12:27 PM FEED
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On the way to hike Haiku Stairs. 2:30AM #gettherebeforethegaurd!

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Most of my testimonies aren't ones that are "quick and easy" shares as they build on story to story, glory to glory. (Plus if you know me, then you know I'm a talker and in my mind all details are relevant to the story 😂. Marshall begs to differ.) God is always taking me by the hand to the next step, building little by little on the same foundation Christ laid for me (and on the cross). My testimony that got me going back to church is one that was sparked out of darkness but I allowed Jesus to fan that spark which rushed into a flame and eventually a full on wildfire for the Lord. Like, legit. This mission trip has been a "chill" one in terms of schedules go but was clearly ordained as 5 of us 8 are members of the prayer team. And let me tell you, every step has been one requiring prayer and covered in it. I'm so thankful for the couples, families, children and team mates I've been able to lay hands on and pray for and the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to use me as a vessel -- pouring his blessings through me out onto others who I had divine appointments to meet. These prayers aren't just for others but the blessings have hydrated and renewed MY soul, taking me to the next level of my future and bringing it all full circle. Darkness into light. "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." BURN BABY, BURN!!!!! 🔥
"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." Matthew 28:19. My fourth trip to Thailand and no matter where I live, arriving in Chiang Mai always feels a little bit like home and the Shining Light Church like family. #chaingmai #thailand While I'm not active much scrolling or commenting while here I'm trying to be diligent in documenting our stay via Insta stories in case you're curious!
Posted: Oct 20, 2017 6:22 AM
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Been super in the zone during this mission to Thailand. I made the decision to officially join the team very last minute (about two weeks prior to take off!) and while it's been a mental test to "leave it all behind" and focus on what GOD has called me to do instead of my own lingering list, it's been a blessing. He has, however, been convicting me about being in the present and avoiding posting on social media + scrolling emails, even in those blips of time where I get enough internet to access. So much so i accidentally left my phone in a truck (I got it back!) but my panic showed me how much I needed to shift my perspective and this little device needed to be ripped away. To keep my mind in the game, not at home or where my mind tends to always be: 24/7 business. (Something I've made my idol). But in the word, prayer, and Thai people sitting across from me. 🙌🏻 goal: post, don't scroll
In concrete streets filled with striped tarps, plastic baskets and metal siding amongst, leave it to me to find all the pastels + pink. Today it's all about pink, and ALWAYS about that color + pattern. But who knows what tomorrow will bring. 🎀🌴 #bangkok #thailand
Packing for a whole lotta travel from now until December 1 got me wishing I had spent more days at the beach. I love to see the world, but as of right now, nothing beats calling Hawaii home.
Monday morning I leave for Chiangmai, Thailand (+ Bangkok) for my fourth mission to the country with @inspirechurchtv. The call for discipleship, wether in country or out is strong on my life, this one future tidbit I can't deny. (And Marshall's, but I'll let GOD tell him that 🤣😂). Years ago, before my first mission to Thailand God showed me a seemingly out of the blue "vision" of us oh so happy and said "you will do missions together", one that was so real I will never forget it. While I'll be joining the group without hubby in tow this go 'round, I know being apart of this team is what I'm supposed to do, no doubt about it. Even though I DID doubt it. Convicted at first, the pull back to Thailand was so strong, I felt it and even smelled it everywhere I went on Oahu. "Okay Bob, when are we going back?!?!" I called our leader to ask. "I'm ready!" Through a series of events I started to doubt this call and in my distractions and busy days started to think I should just stay home to work. STAY HOME TO WORK (and rest) instead of listening to the call of God. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Shewww wee let me tell you God was NOT happy with what my mind was trying to convince me of, stuck in the desire to to be selfish and stay comfortable instead of adding "one more thing" to my plate. (How about take off the things that don't matter in order to make room for things that do, instead?). Over and over in my inner turmoil the Lord convicted me that I had been called to go back to Thailand on this mission for MONTHS and to not forget it. Even showing me in the midst of my mental battle the scripture "it's a sin to know what you ought to do and now do it." I cried yet EVEN THEN I dragged on getting ticketed. Finally in a very timely "put it all in a bow" day of joy, praise, exciting news, prayers for others and spiritual breakthrough God pushed me to make the call. Back off to Thailand we go! And can I just tell you I am so, so excited. God's plans are always good and I'm thankful I didn't consciously derail His plans for my life a la the Egyptians by sitting home in front of my laptop clicking away + cleaning, making other plans that have absolutely nothing to do with his.
I read a post that today is "World Mental Health Day", a reminder of the debilitating anxiety I used to endure + to be praiseful of inner healing of my life. From the age of 12 I suffered from severe anxiety; full on panic attacks that would work me up to the point of throwing up on the spot. No matter where I was, I would literally freak out and vom -- once even in my own hands. This lead to me altering my life and who I hung out with, the places I frequented with one eye on the bathroom at all times. Twice I spoke to doctors about it and most told me to "reduce the stress" in my life. Hard to tell a teenager who's parents are in the middle of a divorce. So in college I tried to find other ways to cope, like getting into yoga or avoid potential triggers all together. Yoga, at the time, seemed like a great remedy as it promised to teach me to look inside + how to breathe. But as years went by and my panic attacks lessened I realized the buried hurts, fears, anxieties + ultimately lies of my childhood, the TRUE cause of this perceived "anxiety" still persisted they just resurfaced in different ways. It wasn't through retreats, downward dog or breathing that I came to "self actualization" + it certainly wasn't the .25mg of xanax I was prescribed (and was only a crutch that made matters worse). It was through another, quite darker testimony that pushed me + my anxious self-realizing, self-help seeking heart OUT of looking inward + into the arms of Jesus. Someone I thought I knew but really had no relationship with whatsoever. It's been years of developing a real relationship with my Creator + Savior and I'm still growing daily but I'm no longer relying on myself or causing my OWN anxiety (because "ourselves" always end somewhere, right?). I can confidently + FULLY lean into God and HIS plan for my life, not my own. No amount of mind clearing, soaking in oils, medicine, herbs or books can 1000% heal my heart + take my pain like Jesus did on the cross + today. For THAT self actualization I'm so grateful. Now the only anxiety I ever feel is through prayerful discernment for others who, too, need to be released from that stronghold. I lived it, hard, for far too long
When 2 become 1. Literally! @sohwhite + Elbert married on Feb. 1 at the insane @fslanai. Coordination by @belledestinationevents blooms from @mandygracedesigns featured on @stylemepretty #hawaiiwedding #spicegirlsfans ps: when you're determined to get the shot you wake up early the morning after the wedding + scurry down in your pjs to the floral prep room to style up the lasttttt little bits and pick apart arrangements before catching your flight back home. Backdrop a table linen by @latavolalinen!
Off the shoulder glam. 👌🏼 @sohwhite + Elbert's insane @fslanai event featured on @stylemepretty today! I'm thankful because this gorgeous flower + acrylic filled wedding deserved some googley eyes!!! 😳 ps: this is about as "fine art" as I agree to get over here. 🤣😂🤣😂 coordination: @belledestinationevents florals: @mandygracedesigns cinema: @ohanafilms #hawaiiwedding #fslanai
And they lived happily ever after... 🎀 #hawaiiwedding @opihilove @passionroots also, how pretty does the Hickman Officer's Club look?!?!?! 👌🏼
Making Waikiki hotels look like the jungle since 2011. #hawaiiwedding
Really appreciating these weekends on Kauai and the privilege to help out the always incredible and hardworking @sealightstudios. Sadly it was a trip without this handsome guy who looks like he is setting sail on the voyage back to his motherland. Maybe next time, boo! But we both know what happened the last time we were there....soooo...then again maybe not. ;) @woodrow34 @captain.andys
Posted: Sep 27, 2017 3:28 AM
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"If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true." 💎
"because you remind me of everything there is in this world to love" - story people #hawaiiphotographer #thelaylow
Kauai Posted: Sep 18, 2017 12:46 AM
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Talk about resilience: in the last 10 minutes of our epic Na Pali boat tour months ago these rolls of film took a salt water bath, getting soaked to the core AND went through x-rays at the airport (because who needs to hand check 800 ISO film if it got doused by a wave?). I thought for sure the shots I teetered on the edge of a boat for (and ruined my last Contax in efforts) were long gone. To my excitement they came back looking a-okay!! I also prayed over them before mailing them off, so you know, #miracles. @goodmanfilmlab @capt.andys
While typically the entire wedding process feels female driven (hey! I get it, most men don't fuss over variances of color and ponder the perfect mix of florals!) I personally try to keep the focus on clients as a couple throughout their photography experience. There is no greater reward than when a gentlemen brushes the sand from his feet after a shoot and says "Hey! That was a lot of fun!" or when leaving an event and having the groom sincerely hug you and proclaim "you did a really great job, it was so easy -- thank you." mission: ACCOMPLISHED!
Posted: Sep 13, 2017 1:11 AM
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Color + texture: it's what drives me, makes my heart go pitter patter and stops me in my tracks, inspiring me to visit places I've never been and create in ways I never thought I could. It's how I see the world. Oddly enough, if I had to pick one color to surround me in life, it would be white. #allwhiteerrthang What main thing inspires YOU?