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  Posted: Apr 29, 2012 6:49 AM FEED
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couldn't narrow it down to just five photos this week. so many good ones!

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congrats @medbound for winning this weeks #authenticbr challenge! thanks to @nathannorsworthy for selecting our winners this week!
congrats #authenticbr runner ups! this weeks photos have all been selected by @nathannorsworthy bottom left and top right photos (both by @lallph)
sorry for not posting in awhile. been some kind of busy lately so I put together two posts with highlights from the last few weeks for y'all :) #authenticla #authenticbr #jj_louisana #louisiana #batonrouge
huge apologies to @erinmdalton!! I featured her photo this morning but tagged the wrong person. thanks to @louisianalagniappe for letting me know about the mistake!!