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nayodeath 285w ago
Old photo♪( ´艸`) Makeover inspired by #TOP of #BIGBANG . Wow、Fantastic Baby!!(`∀´)

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~*~The lone wolf Keith~*~ My catch phrase is....a howl?
It sucks that standards make me too self conscious to wear this, since I don`t think the outfit looks too bad considering everything(except base pants&boots) was impulsively made from scratch in the span of 2 days? Oh well. >:
Sometimes I make kigurumi? Random shots of Black/Green/Red☆ The wings are removable, but I`ll admit my brain was having a rough time with them. LOL I`ve been in a sewing rut since the storm, but I`m about to get back to commissions ! Plus I really want to make Blue regardless, haha~
☆ R a c c o o n E y e s ☆
Some people suit being pink, not one.w Between the makeup and contacts, it`s intense looking.👽 Now I don`t feel as bad about focusing on Jeanist instead haha.....orz
I don`t really post progress shots, but Jeanist is coming along.☆👖 Made the shirt and vest, and started the wig last night....then ran out of hairspray. Whelp. orz
I haven`t practiced any chara makeup yet, not that it...matters much for him?w I`m excited and also dreading making the trenchcoat vest next.💦
Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy for Disney !!!! I loved Pom`s cinematic rendition so much!
Unfortunately I only could take photos right before taking it off so of course half my makeup melted off already. orz
Hopefully I`ll do a better job next time when I`m not in such a rush ! Now where`s a Guardian squad....👀
Also, we left Disney early because our home is in the hurricane path now and we needed to prepare it ! Stay smart !
✧・゚:* The Prince...of GARBAGE *:・゚✧
I started the Assassin`s Festival! I`ll admit to not being the biggest Prompto fan before...but him being so over Noct has totally won me over, including that^ line, haha.
I didn`t have anything new to post, so more Noct trash including my light up fishing pole. Enough of him for awhile, but I`ll probably bring him back at #HolidayMatsuri so if anyone wants to do any festival shenanigans....👀👀👀
A boy and his fish.🐟🐟
Happy birthday to the P̶r̶i̶n̶c̶e̶ King of Fishing (and naptime zZ). 👑
Out of commission with injury, so here is something from over a year ago! Yato was actually my first cosplay back after years of break from attending events, so it was a bit rough, but I`m still fond of him and would like to rewear sometime.
📷: @drabblerouser Thanks for being a magic photographer and making my awkward self look nice! Next con we`re both at we need to schedule a proper $hoot.👀
#noragamicosplay #noragami #yatocosplay #yato #cosplay
Some Kotori☆
I don`t know if I can really pull her off though? I don`t girl much and I get nervous trying to hold myself to LL fan standards.💦 (My gloves were on the stairs behind me....w)
when the fishing too lit???????????
Time to start HolMat planning? Open to ideas because I have....~*~*NO PLAN*~*~
I`m pretty sure I looked awkward in almost every photo taken, but I`ll just pretend I was being accurate because Noct tends to look uncomfortable in photos too. LOL Thanks for the appreciation towards sombrero prince though! 🙇 #metrocon ( ft. theme of the fuckin con because jesus christ it`s stuck in my head)
Sorry, Mina cancelled because I`m driving and could not see well enough with the scleras in this morning....orz So catch me as halfassed Kotori today around 2! How to girl?? #metrocon #lovelive #minamikotori #kotoriminami
Happy belated to best boy Flipper(Lance), featuring a gross 5AM post-AFO me. Because you probably wont see me in Keith again unless asked to for group purposes (porpoises? w).
I could not sleep so I just made this now. (。・_・。) #ラブライブ #lovelive #kotoriminami #birb
When I was suggested to do Noctis, I don`t think you guys had these versions in mind....w
Shots of both #MoogleChocoboCarnival looks I made. Catch me at Metrocon Sunday in the sombrero. Or maybe I`ll catch you. With my fishing pole.щ(`Д´ щ)
When you`re the Prince of Lucis、 but the 👑KING👑 of fishing ☆👌👌👌👌
(I`ll see myself out)
H-Hesistantly posts Metrocon lineup..........(ノД`;) I have been diligently working and 3/4 are done! I haven`t started Mantis though so....we`ll see. LOL Current plan--
Friday Day: NY Food Kotori (Love Live)
Friday PM: fish idol Totoko (Osomatsusan)
Saturday: Mantis (Guardians of the Galaxy 2)
Sunday: Moogle Chocobo Carnival Noctis (Final Fantasy XV)
Hope to see you there!! If we coord for a day let`s get some 📸 together !!☆
kweh. Time to start for Metrocon ! Cosplay is more fun matching with friends but I`m kind of the awkward inbetweener so I`m usually doing something alone....I`d really like to make more things to pair together! What are your plans this year? ☆ #mooglechocobocarnival
Probably going to AFO on Friday and Sunday, but I don`t know what to wear??? I decided to not make anything new because I need a damn break. w #mooglechocobocarnival
🐟🐟🐟🐟 ¥¥¥ Fish Queen ¥¥¥ 🐟🐟🐟🐟