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User Image mat_red Posted: Apr 29, 2012 2:37 AM (UTC)

33 Sutro
  • Love this.

  • @chrisozer Thanks so much man! Means a lot coming from you.

  • Sick!

  • This came out great man! Awesome shot!

  • Really nice shot. Trippy yet clear.

  • @stevecarter Thanks man!

  • @daveedgamboa Thanks! I almost didn't take it, but as soon as I was about to walk away, I knew I had to capture it.

  • @redblueox Lol, yeah, part of what I loved most about this was all the lights. Thank you!

  • me_lv 5y ago


  • @malloryelainee Hahahaha! Have I not given you my "dope" rant yet? ;P

  • Haha how'd you get him before he got away? Just asked him, "hey want to be on instagram?"

  • @daveedgamboa Haha, nah, he was just parked there checking some things off on a clipboard while waiting for a group of us. I was about to board, but was standing in front before I did, and I took this before getting on.

  • This is for you @dehramcguire.

  • This is great. I love candid moment shots. I know it feels a bit sneaky but they turn out so honest.

  • rhujul 5y ago

    amazing shot matt! I love that darkness everywhere yet he remains beautifully lit 💛

  • 👍👍👍

  • We are Japan of famous photographers. 2 Person uses one of the accounts. The name's collaboration. Take a look at our photos.

  • Great shot, man. You in OKC? I used to live down there and I loved it

  • @missyhelly Haha, I know what you mean. It definitely stretches me a bit to take candid portraits, just because I always hate feeling intrusive and sneaky like that, and because most of the time I'm taking pictures of inanimate objects. But indeed, I do love them, especially when they turn out well.

  • @rhujul Thanks! I know, I got lucky he had the front bus lights on so he could go over his clipboard list :)

  • @zwincik Thanks! And nah, I'm in Tulsa, I was just in OKC for the night to visit a friend and go to a party down there. No offense, but I have to say that I like Tulsa a lot more than OKC... ;P haha. Its not a bad city though. When did you live there?

  • Oh, haha, that's cool man! No offense taken. I only lived there for about 6 months from June to Dec 2010. I was in Norman which was nice. But I did go to Tulsa a couple times and it was cool.

  • @zwincik Oh, haha, nice! This was actually in Norman on the OU campus to be more accurate! What were you down there for?

  • Took me a while to see it (I kept seeing a man sitting at a dj booth haha) but when it came together it was such a perfect moment. Love this

  • Btw thanks for the ampt recommend!! It's so flattering coming from you!

  • fruba 5y ago

    Great photos!! You deserve the raccomandation 👍👍 ps: I was an exchange student in Grove, so I know Tulsa a little bit, good memories!!!

  • @wattphoto Haha! I can totally see that now that you say it! Yeah, it was pretty dark, so I had to do the best I could with the lighting available. There was just enough light on his face to make it work. At first I wasn't sure about this one because it isn't super clear, but I kind of like the bit of abstract feel it has to it. Thanks! That means a lot from you as I consider you the candid portrait master, which is why I'd love to see you featured on AMPt!

  • @fruba Thank you! And very cool! I have some friends who went to Grove with me in university now! I am curious though, how'd you end up at such a small place as Grove as an exchange student?

  • fruba 5y ago

    @mat_red I was in high school, in Italy, and decided to do this experience, and they found a family in Grove, so I didn't actually choose OK myself! In any case I had lots of fun :-)

  • @fruba Ah, I see, well that's cool! I'm glad you had a good time. :) Are you back in Italy now?

  • fruba 5y ago

    @mat_red right now I'm in ny but just for holidays! Yes I do live in Italy, I was in OK in 1997, few years ago;)

  • well, this is really great! you'll soon be an #instalegend!

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User Image mat_red Posted: Jul 14, 2012 9:45 PM (UTC)
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#HTE. // This is my third and final #streetstract for @dream_cast and @tylermazaheri's #dreamingabstract contest. If you have not yet, please check out both of their feeds. I am continually amazed by what they do, especially when I consider the fact that they are each only 13 years old. They have some seriously incredible talent for their age, and I cannot wait to see what they create as they grow up. If you have any remote interest in what I do, you are going to #LOVE what they do. So please, visit @dream_cast and @tylermazaheri. You won't regret it. #followfriday