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Shouldn't have read #drudge before bed. Reflecting on #history and reading some inspiring quotes. In time, history will sort the #good from the #bad. #teddy #roosevelt #foundingfathers #fuckwelfare
Having ice cream for dinner tonight, to honor Michelle Osama :) we also learned the Pledge of Allegiance today. #merica #michelleobama #wedowhatwewant #icecream #conservative #dnc #romneyryan2012 #freedom #Americans #raisinghumansofworth #fuckwelfare
More lib logic for ya. The way the media have been jockin' Bammy Boy's dick around, I have a terrible feeling hes going to win. Switzerland, Costa Rica, Germany...all places on the list of potential new homes for this good republican girl. I wont sit here and rot away with the rest of the #sheeple while he destroys my country. Sigh...I miss Reagan.
Boyfriend laughs at my shoes and says they are so tiny and cute haha.
Laid out on the floor after 10 sets (x3) of various plyos. Do your workouts actually WORK YOU OUT?? I thought I was going to die, and now I feel awesome. 👍💪💃💃👸
Well shit. Been slacking on workouts and eating too much cake....time to get back to business. Miss my runner body.
Classy baby :) love we finally learned how to sit with "pretty legs."
Making pioneer woman's pollo asado. I had to add cilantro though.
#polloasado #cilantro #chicken #marinade #eatclean y'all.
Taking Belly out for a ride in that 😒beautiful😒 truck.
Republicans are prudes. Fact. And sexually lame. Fact.
This is the glass from the front door of the house where the explosion happened. Thanks for giving us a little bit of #peace and #love after a terrible accident, Papateelio. I will miss your laugh, smile, positive attitude, cooking, and cocktails. I will try to take a page from your book and love everyone for their lovable qualities and always try and find the good in people. Can't wait til we meet again, my friend. Tonight's service will be a rough one. #RIP bteel.
This is the shit. Think that bammy boy has ever done a day of yard work in his life?? Doesn't look like it. I was the only child/only girl so I got recruited to do LOTS of yard work. Bahahaha
So msnbc, you call "us" "racist", yet cut away from any speech made by minorities to allow that hag and her little friends to carry on and talk shit about how terrible and racist republicans are. Totally legit.
Hypocrites! We ARE that!! Yes to a 2 hour Islamic prayer, No to a catholic prayer. Sounds legit. Fuxk the DNC. They should have had it in new orleans.