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Finally a good pic of my little black cat 👽

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It’s not a trip to Salem if you don’t goto @caramelpatisserie and stock up on macarons.
Breakfast at the ugly mug diner. #salemmassachusetts this place NEVER disappoints me.
Disappointed that Allison’s house has NO autumn decorations 😭
A trip to Salem isn’t a trip to Salem without going to Turner’s.
I have never been so happy to reunite with Sophie, Joe and Jonathan!! So much fun is about to be had! #gloucester #bassrocksinn #octobervacation
When you have the same room as last time it’s like being back home ❤️🍂
4 days and I’m still not finished packing
This case is going to be my saving grace on adventures!!! @luxylemon it’s so pretty too
My bear and I played all day and now he’s a tired boy 🐕🇩🇪
Campfire and duck boots it’s officially fall. 🍁🍂
Clearly this relationship is becoming to easy for you to have a reason to sit outside my house 🙄
Autumn is my favorite season to decorate for! 🍂🍁