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We had a wonderful time showing our friends at the Dutch Cycling Embassy around Vancouver yesterday, culminating in a fantastic *sold out* evening event at @DudocVan’s new showroom.
@mbruntlett and I first saw Ben Folds (Five) at the Guvernment nightclub in May 1999, having taken the Greyhound into Toronto as high school students. Since then, he’s provided the soundtrack to our lives, from the first dance at our wedding (“The Luckiest”), to the songs we used to sing to newborn Coralie (“Gracie”) and Etienne (“Still Fighting It”). Getting to see him for a fifth time last night, and request a few songs via paper airplane, made for a pretty special “date night”.
Today @mbruntlett and I hit a major milestone, having completed five chapters and 30,293 words (the halfway point) of our book. It’s all downhill from here...
Modacity are proud to present: “Can Vancouver Go Dutch?” An evening with the Dutch Cycling Embassy on October 5th. Sponsored by @UrbanSystems, with refreshments provided by @CentralCityBrew and @Bandidas_Taqueria. Reserve your free ticket using the link on our profile page.
Last night, over 3,000 people on bikes took back the (car-free) streets of Vancouver for @HUBCycling's 2nd Annual #BikeTheNight!
‪Prior to March 2010, Vancouver's Dunsmuir Viaduct was a three-lane traffic sewer, only welcoming to automobiles. Handing one lane over to bicycles has since induced over 3.7 million bike trips.‬
The Bruntlett and Reid clans unite! Great showing off the best of Vancouver to our friend and @Island_Press "labelmate" @CarltonReidBike.
We waited almost the entire summer to see @UninterruptedCA – a public art installation under the Cambie Bridge. Boy, was it worth it.
‪Took advantage of blue skies and a cool morning breeze to enjoy one last ride before packing up the car and heading back home to Vancouver.‬
The last-minute decision to throw our folding bikes in the car was undoubtedly a good one.
Ash is falling from the sky here in Kelowna. The locals just keep calm and pedal on.
@mbruntlett had business to attend to in Kelowna this week. The kids and I were more than happy to tag along. For moral support, of course.
We're all about celebrating the little victories. Like firing off the first three chapters of our book to our editor at @Island_Press, and feeling really damn good about how well everything came together. This particular portion features interviews with (former NYC Transportation Commisioner) Janette Sadik-Khan, (retired Groningen Alderman) Max van den Berg, (current Vancouver Mayor) Gregor Robertson, and many other heroes of ours whose stories we feel incredibly honoured to share. 18,074 words down. 46,926 to go before our January deadline. Must. Keep. On. Rolling.
‪If structural change to our streets requires cultural change, then pop-up plazas are a wonderful way to demonstrate to a skeptical public that there's more to city life than surface parking.
‪Our cities don't suffer from a lack of space. They suffer from a lack of imagination. Congrats @VancouverPublicSpace on another amazing alleyway activation.‬ #TacticalUrbanism
‪Two hour seawall cruise + The new @TheWarOnDrugs album = Thursday afternoon bliss.