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  Posted: Apr 28, 2012 6:28 PM FEED
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Posted: Oct 2, 2017 4:43 PM
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You can't really tell from the pictures but it looked like it was snowing leaves. 🌲🍁🍂 #Autumn
Bird is the word. Hungover waffle burgers with this cool chick 🐥💕
Posted: Sep 13, 2017 6:29 PM
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Had so much fun over the weekend 'hanging' 😜 out with my niece and brother (half brother; he's not just super tanned) 💕
Getting that GoPro footage 😂 Croatia you beautiful place 🇭🇷 #views
When you want to be part of the art but people are watching. The day after the night before
I wanna be back here chilling and having giggles with my bestest. I'm all about enjoying the moment buttttt... I wanna be in that moment 😫
Type 'Travel means' then press the middle suggested word on your phone until it makes a sentence and leave it as a comment below. 😊 or don't 💕
Travel means that you can get a taxi to your hotel. 😂 ahha OK
Views please. Pit stop at Gili Air on our snorkeling trip ft Lombok in the background #ItsABeautifulWorld
What's 'Sarong' with this weather it's fricken August and I feel like I need to be wearing gloves... Take me back to Bali now please
Not exactly what I was going for when I asked for a picture of me by the waterfall... But hey ho #Bali
Happy August bitches! Aka winter? Praying for some sunshine missing laying under the 🌴
*Insert Taylor Swift Wonderland* 🎵🎶 Honest review of the beaches on Gili T in July: Not great 😂 See those patches on the ground this was literally the place with the least of those (which btw is green slim) all along the rest of the beaches near the swings were carpeted in slime and rocks... I dunno if it was just the time of year but you see everyone's instagram pictures and hear everyone talking about it and expect this beautiful sandy paradise and it just wasn't like that (considering it takes 40 mins to cycle round the whole island we deffo didn't miss something)... Don't get me wrong it was still a great fun island with incredible colours in the sea, great night life, perfect weather, an amazing street food market, super cheap activities and the partying side with the boats had short sandy beaches... But had to say something about those beautiful pictures you see. Still go if you're in Bali, so glad we did for so many reasons but that's just one thing to be aware of. Instagram mini blog rant complete. Happy Weekend bitches ❤️ #GiliT #Wanderlust
When your bedroom is in the trees you've gotta pose on the balcony #WhySoSerious #Bali
This place was pretty darn cool... As in the weather wasn't that great this day... And the other kind of cool... Had fun splashing around and drinking the yummiest cocktail... Bali pimms is a thing and it involves passionfruit #JustSaying #TakeMeBack #Bali 💕
Tasting monkey poo coffee* and walking through this beautiful plantation and letting the bugs taste me. *a Luwak/Mongoose choses the best coffee beans to eat and only digests the shell, pooping out the coffee bean which is then used for drinking. Yum. #IDontEvenLikeCoffee #Ubud #Bali
Loving waking up here every morning 😊👙💕💦☀🏊🍉 #ToInfinityAndBeyond #Ubud