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How does this happen i have 2k followers but only get like 10 likes , where are you followers !
Almost died !!! Perfection ! 😍🇬🇧😍🇬🇧😍🇬🇧😍🇬🇧😍🇬🇧😍🇬🇧😍🇬🇧😍
Its still liams birthday where i im at HAPPY BIRTHDAY liam ❤❤❤❤ simple ! #onedirection #liam #hbd #ily #payne
Made me laugh so hard ! I needed that laugh 😂😂😂
I really miss this account been really busy with school , ill try to post more pfften forsho ! #onedirection
Wow 😳i havent been here in a long time sorry :/ , well here is my tv when i was wacthing one direction ! #olympics #2012 #onedirection
Not home to see niall's twitcam !😭😭😡🔫
Fooooo reals ! Whats up with that!!
Made me laugh 😂 but then its true ...😔