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  Posted: Apr 28, 2012 3:16 PM FEED
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Oatmeal Banana Pancakes for this chilly Sunday morning
Early morning donut. Peanut Butter - Chocolate mmm...
I've made New England style lobster rolls for tonight's pop up bar at Hyggestund. Their delicious, but I'm most proud of how my hotdog rolls turned out!
I'll be making my secret recipe burgers with beer onions on the patio @mikkellerbarvik this Sunday afternoon. I hope the weather is nice!
Special donut today @restaurant_hyggestund Blueberry White Chocolate Crumble
Triple decker Hong Kong peanut butter condensed milk toast
Boiled satay in alley off Street 51
You can't be in Iceland without having a pylsur
Kate's is a truckstop on hwy 17 south of Sudbury owned by a Mennonite family. The bacon, sausages, bread are all made in house and from their farm. The all day breakfast is awesome
Back in Canada just in time to catch the boiling of the last maple sap
I wouldn't consider myself a wonton expert, but the wonton, fishball, and beef noodle soup at Tsim Chai Kee is by far the best wonton noodles I've ever had
Chungking Mansions is the only place to stay in Hong Kong
Hong Kong style peanut butter, condensed milk french toast and pineapple bun for breakfast
Chicken pie in pea soup is a retro Hong Kong cha chaan teng lunch item
The famous Sun Kee cheese noodles. Delicious!