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  Posted: Apr 28, 2012 3:06 PM FEED
7 Sierra
Happy birthday sunshine :) @xococoho! Fun day ahead with these ladies @jahsss @brunaschmitz @nagemelamed @quincydavis @lauraenever

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My dad, @tonymoniz he is the one responsible for my strength, courage, hot blood, and my smile!!! Couldn’t be more proud to be your only girl!!!! LOVE YOU! Have the best day in the mountains
How do you roll with ya skwadddddd!? We are just a bunch of Beach Rats @roxy #ROXYgirls
She even shares her chocolate, she must really care about me
@maineikinimaka 🥐 @roxy #ROXYGirls
France Goods 🥐🥖🤙🏽
Meanwhile #ROXYPro sidelines be like 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 @roxy
En extremely generous amount of peepssss to watch @rissmoore10 win the #ROXYPro!!!! LOVE YOU RISS, so proud of ya!
Happy birthday to the most incredible big brother! Thank you for blessing us with your little bundle of EVERYTHING good!!! Love you with all my heart! @micahmoniz
Happy hour on zeeee French coast. When it was knee high and perfect, just the way I like it ;) #ROXYProFrance @roxy // PC: @ryanheywood
There’s nothing like this! I’m gonna miss you my little Butterfly ❤️ @photokeoki
Very proud to be apart of a brand and a sisterhood such as THIS! @roxy This what I DREAMED of being apart of but never knew how these ladies (and many others not pictured) would shape my life in the best way, forever ❤️ Thank you, every single one of you. Thank you for your commitment of TRUEST! Beautiful inside and out ❤️
Sometimes you just gotta go for it 🐻🤘🏾 @roxy #roxysneakpeek