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Been married to this amazing guy for FIVE YEARS and feel just as lucky today as I did on our wedding day. PS: we sure did get a lot done in 5 years... 2 kids, a move to NJ and bought a house. Yowza. Love you @christophucker #licensetocatskill
Got some new forever words to celebrate my forever loves
The most fall-like activity on the least fall-like day, but this one didn't care #🍎 #girlstrip @vnina @andreaart @hazel.and.otis
Not quite the relaxing morning bath I had in mind 😑 #maplewoodnj
In the two years of being home owners we've painted our house, redone a bathroom, overhauled the kitchen, and finished our attic (plus a million other things). Posting pics of the attic transformation because I'm a sucker for a good before/after #maplewoodnj
Dear summer: if I ever complain about you being disgustingly hot, or grotesquely sweaty and stinky, just remind me of perfect days like today #ididntmakethese #butidefinitelyateone
Moved to #maplewoodnj two years ago today not really knowing anybody and unsure of burb life ahead. Thankful for the kick ass community who make one foot in the city and one foot out totally worth it.
A much needed day of QT with my baby girl, and a rainbow of possibilities #maplewoodnj
When you've had a great day but realize there's a whole 'nother one planned for tomorrow #maplewoodnj
Spent yesterday floating down the Delaware with two of my favorites. Now back in cell service and so very thankful for our annual ladies trip #despacito #eeltrap #sweetteavodka #nokids
You've been good to us, vacation. Real good. ☀️🏖🐬🍦🍉🏄🏻👙👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👌🏼
When your husband's away for the weekend but leaves you love notes in your kids dresser you know you have a good one 💫
Happy Father's Day to this hellofa dad who keeps us all a little more sane. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🏆❤️ We love you @christophucker! 📷 by @vnina
Thanks to some amazing friends for always making our birthday weekend something special. Love you forever @vnina and @andreaart
Happy third birthday to my baby girl Hazel. She's hilarious and sweet, loves a good dance party and is the best big sister. Be kind to us, three 🤣