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So, the last posts I’ve been uploading were inspired by the #OutIn60 series of videos that @mtv did for several celebrities talking about their coming out experience in 60 seconds. Check them out, they’re moving. ✌🏼💛 #NationalComingOutDay
I got invited for the 2nd time to this camp as an international scout and I am not regretting anything. I had the opportunity to be their official camp photographer and a handicraft instructor teaching Arts & Textiles and Photography(of course).
This camp is part of my life and I am so glad that I met so many people that I can now call friends. Hope I can see ya'll soon for the 50th anniversary next year! ⚜️💚
#BSA #Scouts #BoyScoutCamp #CSR2017 #CherokeeScoutReservation #Scoutsrd