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Suddenly stumble upon this photo on my wallpaper and suddenly everything just gushing back to me. The short weekend trip yet one of the best trip I ever had with @deriardia. Why this picture? Because it's pretty much illustrate my current mood and situation.
One picture that defines the word chill in my compendium. Would make a really lovely place for lunch break when you're totally wash out with your research or whenever things went "science". #garden #fountain #serene #quaint
Because it's summer: the cravings of youth and skinny dipping. Of course not. It's illegal to swim on this lake. #lake #bristol #chewvalleylake
Because no matter how far we're apart, we'll always see the same sky. #stars #night #sky #bristol #meteorshower
One problem of being an easily distracted ethologist as well as an ex-biologist is that when you're trying to analyze some stuffs, you suddenly stumble upon self-taken pics of beautiful flowers and stuck for almost 2 hours trying to identify it.
I don't know whether this is correct or not, but all that I found is that this is supposed to be bluebell, but I dunno. #flower #bluebell #wildflower #purple #bristol
Here's one thing about me: I am living in the middle of the night with that easily triggered tiny button named "good old days". The barren hidden Savana in the middle of lush tropical rain forest of Java island. You don't need a polynomial contrast with less than .05 significance to see the linearity of the gloom living inside the tiny head of a man and the cheer he made.
Had this pic suddenly sent by @deriardia and instantly had this urge to post this in Instagram (pun not intended) and just realized that it's #tbt. Those good old days where all that matters are marks and exams. Those good old days where you can specifically be angry to your friend just because he was smoking. Well nevertheless they're my partly influential people that shaped me into what I have become of today.
What if at some point, the counter part of it just fall down from the sky, fill the gap, and make everything vanished?
Another memento from a nice weekend: bright blue sky, long and deep private talk, and some nice pics.
No I'm not being philosophical here, just to remind humanity what humans basically need in order to be happy.
#ferriswheel #sky #blue #bristol #uk
Always try to look up because there will always a reason to smile if you want to find it.
#gold #plants #monument #indonesia #monas #sky
The image that always formed in my occipital lobe every weekday, just so you know what it's like inside my head while you're busy with your new job. It's a good thing and I'm not being passive aggressive, it's just so you know that never one hour went without the imagination of you occupied one of my senses.
Basically feeling so betrayed with myself that I forgot to bring my lunch to the campus which had me to turn back to my flat to get it and trying to go to the campus again and at the campus building door just realized that now I forgot my ID card (again) and had to go back to my flat (again) and now I just sitting in my bed staring at the Daffodils pic that I took yesterday before trying to go to the campus again.
#sloppy #mybristoljourney #flowers #spring #daffodils
The perks of being sloppy: accidentally dried a plate of salt water and enjoying the shape of salt crystals.
#salt #crystal #sloppy
"Sky's the limit"/"君がいるから"
I'm believing you and I can do anything / 君なら大丈夫だよ
#sky #birds #two #blue