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Posted: Oct 22, 2017 2:37 PM
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#50ThingsWeLoveAboutYou @jthomas_44 (a speech for your birthday) 🙌🏻❤️ Your salt & pepper hair
Your baby blue eyes
The scar on the side of your cheekbone
How you’re young at heart
But as of today, an old fart
How you’re a 5-time Ironman
How you’re a 2-time father
How you’re boyfriend of the year, year after year
How you make the best ribs on the BBQ
How you make the biggest mess in the kitchen
And how you’re TRYING to get better at closing the cupboard doors behind you
How you keep us fed
How you work us hard
How YOU work hard - do you know this guy goes to Crossfit like 5 times a week? Pffft
How even when you have to fly away for work, you get the last flight home just to be able to see us in the morning
How we’re the first ones on your mind when you wake up
And the last thing on your mind when you go to bed
Your killer style
Your expensive taste
Your obsession with fire
Your crooked smile
How you almost never frown
And that look you get when you’re really concentrating
And what about the one when the font is too small and you just can’t read it
How dopey you get when you’re way too hungry
How you can keep it classy in the big city
And how you can rough it up at the RV just the same
How you coach us
How you inspire us
How you never give up on us
How whenever we look up, you’re watching from the stands
And whenever you’re not there, we can your voice in our heads
Be the first one on the ice
And be the last one off the ice
How no one makes us feel more supported, no matter what we’re trying do (or what business I’m trying to start)
How you always put us first - even it that means less dessert for you
How you cook bacon in the mornings, and sometimes waffles
How we have the same love for Oaked chardonnay
How you can build things
How you can break things
And how you can put them back together again
How you can build an entire irrigation system on your own (with my help!) How you played pro hockey
How you market like a boss
How you never give up once you’ve set your mind to something
Your optimism
Your kind heart
Your old soul
Your big muscles
How you let me into your family
How you can make friends with anyone
And how you love
I’m just SO freakin thankful for her. Because she literally forces me to get pretty and so many other things. Love my lil sis. #LifeInWineCountry
Stop #2 was UNBELIEVABLE! @bench1775 took such great care of us - with a private tasting full of information and a tour of the entire process. Every one of our friends signed up for the wine club because... why the heck not?! #LifeInWineCountry
Ring me up for another 12 oz please. Yes. Thank you.
Damn it feels good to be back in the big city. 🌆 #RedHeadsHaveMoreFun
Posted: Oct 16, 2017 1:21 PM
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Recalling the dark & narrow streets of #Venice...
He's so masculine I can barely stand it. 💓
An exceptional English-style #Thanksgiving dinner with my fave boys 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Concocted with effort from every single one of those dudes! (The boys made some awesome Yorkshire pudding!) Am I the luckiest or... 😏 #MT3
Waking up to this view from our private balcony... this ain't bad 😎☕️🖤 #Kelowna #ElDorado
When you're #homeless you might as well be wandering, no? We got home late last night after a week on the road, and started today off with a marathon (disclaimer: I played "support" and just drank coffee and showed up at check points) and we had left the rest of the day unaccounted for - unsure of what we'd really need. Where we landed? #1 Showers. #2 Wine tasting. #3 A romantic dinner and evening at the @eldoradokelowna overlooking the lake... with robes. And a hot tub. Because hey - sometimes you just can't stand the idea of another night in the RV. #HappyThanksgiving
Hey look! 👆🏻 We found more twin babies to cuddle the crap out of. #Twinning #WDC
Posted: Sep 16, 2017 6:21 PM
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#Repost @media_mad ・・・
👒 ⛑ 🎩 Our CEO, @tessamaymarr wears ALL the hats to keep Mad Media running like a well oiled machine. ⚖ Hit up our blog to see them all! #MakeAHatDay (link in bio)