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What mom says after I went to the salon

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No Instagram filter here, just great morning light in our new bedroom ✨
#tbt i miss my blonde hair and being able to wear jackets 👱🏼‍♀️
For the love of Sumo, moving back to HK to be a part of this doggy pack was one of the best decisions ever 🐻🐨🐵
Our new apartment is still coming together but at least it smells great in here 💕
This morning I wore a blazer and NON sneakers and I took the mtr during office people rush hour so basically I am an office lady and I now have a career 🤓🗒📈
🖐🏼 Just started using Hourglass cosmetics but I’ve gone in real hard. The Illume Sheer Trio in Sunset is now my everyday holy grail and the new Confession refillable and exchangeable lipsticks are so damn smart!
After almost 5 years, it’s time to say Shangbye! 再见上海 👋🏼 I’ve been thinking about what I’d write for this post for the longest time. It’s hard to put in words what living in SH is like exactly. It’s at times extremely hard and frustrating (language and culture-wise) but most times it was one of the best cities to live in. The friendships we’ve made here and all the crazy different experiences we were lucky enough to go through will forever be a part of us and I am so thankful for everything that’s happened. I moved to SH after only 6 months into the relationship with Jason and now we are leaving 3 years into our marriage and thankful that SH made us closer and more silly than ever. SH is srsly such a rad place to live and I’m so happy we’ve grown to love love love this city so much ♡
To all our 上海 pengyoumens, love you guys so damn much and can’t wait for you guys to visit us!
TLDR: Byeee Shanghai ❤️🇨🇳. Hiiiiiiii HONG KONG🇭🇰!
Dreaming about this major tub situation that I'm going to seriously need after the upcoming intense 2 weeks we're about to have 😥😥
Just wanna spend all my days and nights with this squishy face 🐨