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  Posted: Apr 28, 2012 6:13 AM FEED
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Jon got stuck in a tourist trap.

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Last night we hosted some #AdobeMAX friends for a very first peek at what I’ve been working on for the past 6 months with @officialneonmuseumlasvegas! It‘s a super raw space at the moment but will soon be a permanent audiovisual installation, and it all happened because of a one-night experiment during my Adobe residency back in March, on a road trip to SXSW.
Speaking of experiments, I spoke at @wemakepdx Celebrates on Friday! So much to catch up on, I’ve been nose to the grind stone! Hello internet! 👋👋👋✨
Two weekends ago I was a late addition to the art lineup for @lifeisbeautiful, and I impulsively augmented this wall. “YOU MAKE LIFE BEAUTIFUL”

From a technical standpoint, nothing too fancy, I brought my mobile setup— short throw projector, custom clamp to a wall, @mad_mapper for mapping + added in some of their new generated materials.

It was a fantastic festival of music, food, art, and ideas. My heart sank to see the pain Las Vegas is in just a week later after a deadly, senseless, and devastating shooting massacre that ruined the lives of so many.

Sending much 💚 to Vegas. I’ll be there a lot over the next two months. The new @officialneonmuseumlasvegas project is in a rapid home stretch.
Proud to be on the art lineup of @lifeisbeautiful this weekend! Testing tonight for some interactive projections I’ll be doing above ‘Place on 7th’ all weekend. Can’t wait to check out @meow__wolf’s Art Motel and @felipepantone’s latest neon mural glowing down the street... See y’all out there! 🙌💡🎉
Today on @adobecreativecloud insta-story! Takeover throwback to Winnipeg process. 🇨🇦 Since finishing my @Adobe #CreativeResidency I've continued #LightCapsules and most recently brought the project to Canada thanks to @meetmattcohen / @fadingads! I had a blast JD the whole thing was filmed for an upcoming documentary by @handcraft! ⚡️
ALSO if you haven't seen it, @mattkruchak wrote a great story for @theatlantic @citylab on this Winnipeg series 🙌👻💡⚡️
These Las Vegas signs are soon coming back to life in a new way... ✨ This morning we put pins in the ground to mark final locations where two custom towers will be built, which will transform this whole area into a magical new experience. Been working on this project since my @Adobe #CreativeResidency wrapped in May and in a couple more months and we'll share it with the world. 💡💀💡 ✨@officialneonmuseumlasvegas
Teaser of an augmented mural collaboration with @mrseaves101 + @lightforminc in SF! 💡 Looking forward to share this one later on... What a fantastic treat to work with everyone involved.

The future is bright, y'all. 🔦🤓
This year has flown by. Hey, remember that time I lived in NYC all June? I finally visited this place and it was beyond everything I could have dreamed of. 💡
The Light Capsules article just got posted to @theatlantic @citylab! Here's one of the five signs we brought to life in one special night in Winnipeg. 🇨🇦 (Link in bio)

Thanks to @mattkruchak for writing such a poetic recap of the project that makes me sound like a time traveling wizard 🔮😬 Huge props to @fadingads and @meetmattcohen as well as our generous sponsors who made that night possible!

#LightCapsules #💡💊 #ghostsigns #paintedinlight #projectionmapping #winnipeg
Oh hey again lil buddy 🐥
I'm back at it in Vegas today, continuing to plan out our new large immersive project... but also sketching out some concepts for a pop-up installation at @lifeisbeautiful...! ✨🙌✨
#neon #signage #neonboneyard @officialneonmuseumlasvegas
Sat night's turnout was incredible— beyond my wildest dreams. This photo taken by @samposnick is one of my absolute favorites.
I had my hands quite full most the night, but we were lucky to have @handcraft documenting everything, and I'll be taking over @adobecreativecloud Instagram story tomorrow to share a recap!

Also I've been up until 4am the past 3 nights pulling this all together, so I think I'll ignore the alarm tomorrow. 😅

Thanks for sending this my way 📸 @samposnick!
#paintedinlight #lightcapsules #winnipeg #ghostsigns #projectionmapping
TONIGHT. 🇨🇦 9–11pm
Huge video crew, @adobecreativecloud story takeover/recap on Monday!

This is from some testing we did Thursday night on one of FIVE #ghostsigns #projectionmapping... @justinpjtrudeau I hear you're still in town, hope you can catch a glimpse! 🙌🇨🇦 Map: 🌐
#lightcapsules #paintedinlight
W I N N E P E G — 🇨🇦
This SAT July 29

#LightCapsules continues up to Canada for an ambitious five-in-one-night series! We're having a rooftop reception at @forth_wpg where you can hangout underneath this massive Milady Chocolates sign + Porter & Co palimpsest #ghostsign.
My collaborator @meetmattcohen talked on the phone with the original painter of this Milady sign, now 89, he was 17 when he painted this. Can't wait to talk more and hear how I need to correct the design before Saturday! 😬

We've been getting a lot of press out locally for this series, spread the word, Canadian friends! 🙌

Thanks to our sponsors this is a completely free event, just walk around Exchange, and look up! All the rest of the info is at 👈

#projectionmapping #PaintedInLight #Winnipeg #canada150 #history
BEHOLD: the most lit swatch book ever. 💡
Completely mind-blowing tour of @yescosigns today following a meeting with their special projects team.

Incredible talent and history in those walls... looking forward to work with them to bring this dream Neon Museum project to life in the best way. 🙌

#neon #process
Early morning flight to Las Vegas! This week I'm working on our huge new project with @officialneonmuseumlasvegas & meeting the legendary folks at @yescosigns.

More details in due time, but I'm spearheading a new experience to launch later this year. Also hoping to plan involvement at @lifeisbeautiful... and did you know a little thing called @adobemax is in Vegas this year?? 👀 —
📸 @erinconger
This June at @itpcamp was fantastic. After teaching projection mapping workshops, I went physical and created these interactive tangible round objects, inspired by some of @kellianderson's latest works!

I have so much to share from the past month, so heads up & apologies in advance for a waterfall of catch-up over the weekend! 😬
Posted: Jun 13, 2017 10:59 PM
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Last week, @curbed posted this on #LightCapsules to their Facebook & it just passed 407k views! I'm blown away.
So excited to share some upcoming locations in Montana and Canada soon!

@adobe @adobecreativecloud #creativeresidency #projection #signage #mapping @mad_mapper
NYC all June! 🙌🗽 What a great day of weather to kick it off.
I'm here to participate/teach at @itpcamp, so stoked to get out of my comfort zone with a few of the workshops! // @itp_nyu #NYC

Haven't even started to reach out to friends here yet but let's hang out & make stuff! 🚀
Posted: Jun 2, 2017 11:10 PM
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Announcement! I've joined the @conjurecreate fam! They're helping me run my studio, take on bigger, and more, creative pursuits.

Last week, @nathanyoder and I joined forces in Seattle to do a little impulsive, one-day collaborative project. (He's joined the Conjure fam too!) (Per usual, it involved goodwill and white paint. We had a blast.) Other Conjure folks include @timothygoodman, @dana_tanamachi, @superfurry & more —Onward & upward! 🙌
Last week I spent a day in Seattle with the crazytalented @nathanyoder impulsively collaborating on a fun project. We stayed up way too late, but had a blast. This is part of an exciting announcement comin' attcha very soon! ✨💡
#projectionmapping #illustration