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  Posted: Apr 28, 2012 4:26 AM FEED
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It’s a strange time to be crippled in the hood 🤓
tbt. Waris Ahluwalia, Adrian Brody, Wes Anderson and me
back when I wasn't stuck in a body that don't work 💔never did I ever take my body for granted #surfsup #🏄🏽 #darksideofthelens
"Keep Pushing"
Created exclusively for Kevin Quintero by @reidglaze
Greatest gift ever. A custom skateboard with pictures of my first marathon bib. Thank you Reid. I WILL walk again, and the moment I do I will call you for a skate session!
Who wore it better, me or Christopher Reeve aka superman 😅
tbt to that time I was in a power chair aka the present 😒 #cripplelife #🐊
A little over a month ago I broke my neck and hurt my spinal cord in a diving accident. It left me paralyzed from the chest down and on life support. Thanks to God, all of the prayers, visits, and love I've received, I've been able to make progress and begin my journey to recovery. These are my x-rays, after neurosurgeons fused my C3-C7 vertebrae over two surgeries to fix/reinforce my neck. Thank you to @sifuentesx @crisstaxx @almostkate for saving my life. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and messages ❤️ Please enjoy your legs and arms. (My sister typed this for me since I can't move my fingers yet)
scenes from the city | november 2016
Easter 2017 - Had a crazy fever during these moments but was still smiling 🐇