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Long lab days got me day dreaming of days where I can see the sun and feel the salt on my skin. Also, being friends with @marcilainez has perks, like neat new profile pics hehe. Follow her for epic photos!
Number one thing I've learned throughout my time here in WA: life is all about who you live it with. These are a few of my faves. #kaskadethehusky
Coming down to the last final weeks out here in the orchard, starting to get all nostalgic about my time up here in WA. So I'm taking more selfies to remember it all. Shoots.
Hawaii was radical. Good vibes with @smickels, the sneaky paparazzi, local boy, tour guide and adventure brotha! Along with some great academic vibes to go with it... til next time.
Shoots 🤙🏼
Nights like these make me feel alive. Overwhelmed constantly by all the support along this journey. And of course, beyond blessed to work with my best friends!
First day of Apple harvest done. Only a million more to go! ...
Ps this was all discarded fruit, consider eating food even if it looks ugly. It still tastes great and we could help reduce food waste by changing our consumer preferences!
Kicked off my last harvest season (for now) in WA! So here's my power stance to commemorate this momentous occasion.
Back to strolls with #kaskadethehusky now that the smoke and heat have cleared out! Not bad Wenatchee, not bad...
The light at the end of the tunnel... more fun adventure vibes this weekend. I love this state.
Yesterday marked the 4th anniversary of an adventure that has changed my life. Thank you to all who have made this a reality! Happy birthday @harvestcraft
We had ourselves a little bromance out in the river today... floating is hands down my favorite summer activity!
Yes I have an Afro. Yes my Pops likes Chance the Rapper. Good vibes Colorado, love you fam. xo.