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amiej_ 1w ago
We’ve officially welcomed the third trimester 🙊❤️ #28
amiej_ 5w ago
🎈47 🎉

What a year it has been, my beautiful mum. I couldn't be more proud of the leaps and risks that you've taken this year.. your hard work, sacrifices and dedication never, ever goes unnoticed. I love you so so so sooooo much!!!!!! Happiest birthday to the brightest light in my life 🌏✨💜 #couldneverdolifewithoutyou #mybestfriend
amiej_ 6w ago
Kiara's happy when the cake knife comes out 'dirty' because the closest boy to kiss is always Daddy 💖 #myheart
amiej_ 6w ago
KIARA TURNS 8 🎈🎉 Happy birthday to my big baby! I love you so much!!!!!!! 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #forevermybaby #birthdaygirl #eight #mummyisemotionalandpregnant
amiej_ 6w ago
Happy fathers day to my darling husband. We are the most blessed girls in the world 💘 #weloveyousomuch
amiej_ 8w ago
When you're just as bad as each other, really 🤷🏻‍♀️😂❤️ #berealhomies #ilovemyhusband
amiej_ 8w ago
Wishing my handsome hubby a happy happy birthday for today! One of my most favourite days of the year, where it all started 6 years ago 🙊

Words can't express how proud I am to be your wife and the mother of all our 8281762 babies (that we will have 👀). I'm so grateful to the big man upstairs to have answered all my prayers by sending me you. I get to live life with my best friend and my soulmate. You are truly the greatest husband in the world. Thank you for all that you do 😭😭 #imsoobsessedwithyou #husband #youreold #blessingsonblessings
amiej_ 8w ago
When you see pink 😱😍💖 so excited to have another baby girl!!!! #allthatglitters #genderreveal #itsagirl #babydevega #maybethenextonewillbeaboy 😂
amiej_ 9w ago
20 weeks pregnant with this thumb sucking little bubba 😍❤️ #20weeks #halfway #babydevega
amiej_ 10w ago
I've already got stretchies and a nice big cesarean scar from Kiki. I've always had problem skin and never been a skinny mini but I'm still absolutely loving my body just for carrying and growing this little blessing 💖😭 19 weeks tomorrow and embracing these new curves 🤰🏻 #boyorgirl??! #babybump #preggo
amiej_ 11w ago
🤰🏻Bump updates ~ baby moves so much now, daddy gets to feel his dose of daily kicks too! (From bub, not me 👀) 🙊
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#babybump #babybumplove #18weeks #pregnant