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Buahahahaha! You guys crack me UP! @newgirlenfox PS I LOVE Elizabeth! She is a riot! #newgirl
apparently this donut was as good as the game today. ;) @ambearo
This is going to be one heck of a ride before we know what the heck they wrote! @newgirlenfox Russell's reaction to the those two was so unexpected! LOVE IT. #newgirl
Mad love for this woman! Keepup the great work Zooey! You and the rest of the amazing cast an crew and whoever is involved! Even the cafeteria people haha! @zooeydeschanel @newgirlenfox #newgirl
This is hat happens when you work out???? HELL YEAH! #workout
my nephew lazing about watching Muppet Show :).
Awww Kurt and Blaine from season 2! ❤ done by me of course. #klaine
Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson yall! ❤ #klaine
❤❤❤one my favorite Artie moments haha. #glee