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That's @tonydada and me in #MontTremblant wayback, I used to rock my cap backward with a little tweak, with the #JohnnyBlaze T-shirt to close the deal 😂 #tbt
That's my cousin from BC. Haven't seen him for the last 10 years.
He cool 💯
Met this random American dude during my first week at Bishop's, next thing I know we're gonna be roommates next year 😂💯 #BoatHouse
So stoked on having the chance to study there next year, yea i'm going to Cali baby 🔥
Hoover Dam 📍(picture I took this summer from the 🚁 ride)
I won't lie, I was scared as shit at this very moment 🆘
Is it moraly acceptable to wish you happy holidays? 🎅🏼❄️