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Guess ya wondering what the rest looks like?

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RIP Joe thanks for all the rides mate. Photo courtesy Mal Sutherland.
Melbourne Cup attire including binoculars, check. Fitted shirt, check. Having a frothy scoping skirt, check.
Food hall athlete village Rio Olympics today shit might get interesting if the PC lefties are around!😜
Many Australians first ride on a wave thank you Midget for the journey.Much respect.
Well a couple of weeks in a variety of waves on this Mick Mackie sidecut fish @mackiedesigns one of the best boards I have ever ridden, yes have had a few over the last 45 years. Amazing how different a feel it has to anything else. Grab one & change your life. I will have several for test if your on the sunny coast so hit me up. #handshaped #handcrafted #mastershaper #woodkeels #sidecutfish
Wood is good so stoked to get this in my hands today thanks mate @mackiedesigns can't wait to ride it in the morning #sidecutfish #mastershaper #handshaped #woodkeels #handcrafted
As per last surf original & ready to ride when ya get back here mate @reidpinder @garykongelkerton
Back at ya mate remember this one boys? @garykongelkerton @reidpinder hint loved getting shacked around Shell Harbour!
The best story teller of surfing & life, not to mention funniest as well. RIP Rabbit, but give em hell when ya get there!
Thanks for teaching me so much now let's dance!
Gonna be jammin upstairs tonight boys & ready the King is in the house. RIP legend
Happy Birthday mate thanks for sending @reidpinder @danepinder40 to catch up with me today special reunion
RIP Kel Nagle 1960 Open Champion Old Course. Legend in world golf & nicest bloke one could ever meet. Have a few holes today in memory