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  Posted: Aug 19, 2011 11:57 AM FEED
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Ciao from a little farm in Sicily 🇮🇹! 🐈🐶🐓🐷🐑 Hopefully we don't get swallowed by the giant volcano 🌋 behind us #nottheolivegarden #ladolcevita #anthonyisinthehomeland #andonadonkey
Anthony asked me to "come here" and Jolie made her way over instead #sillysunday #fatherdaughterdance #onlyshirtlessvideos @portelligram
This guy loves rules, doesn't jaywalk, won't hitchhike, and makes dad jokes, but one destroyer🍹later... @portelligram #whoisthisguy? #destroyer #beatthebeat #wehitchhikedtwicetoday
Happy early Mother's Day (b/c Mom is in 🇨🇳). This year she led both my brother and I, separately, into the land of my grandma's father, where my grandma spent her childhood summers on bamboo rafts at this very river. She also took us to see my grandfather's (who passed before us) hometown of Fuzhou, where after two generations and 67 years we found grandpa's brothers' children, whom my mother has never known, and fulfilled my great-grandpa's last request to unite the family before laying his ashes to rest. This journey has given so much history and culture back to my cousins and I, something our parents never had. Grateful for this gift, Mom.
It's a fox, it's a deer, it's #nationalpuppyday! Cheers to this little munchkin who patiently tolerates my every indulgence and wanderlust #yosemite #shelovesit #furbaby #foreverpuppy