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Where to next, @shakezoola @suffymd ? Tag some of your favorite people to travel with below and I’ll go check out their accounts and say hi.
Iceland day 7: #storytimewithsteven
Today we spent the last morning in the awesome riverside cottage. I had my usual bowl of cereal on the porch and we packed up and headed to kerio crater. Had a beautiful lake in the center (can you drink the water?) and we hiked around it and picked up some lava rocks.

Now we head to our last BnB of the trip. It was supposed to be a blue lagoon trip.. but mark and I are unsure if we want to pay the $80 to enter. We'll see what happens(spoilers: it didn’t happen ).

It was pretty rainy and so we decided to just head to our last BnB in Grindavik. This was an interesting seaside town with... nothing to do. Lol. We ended up meeting the owner of our BnB as she came over to introduce herself. She was super nice and we probably spent too much time asking her how to pronounce Gull properly. We asked her what there was to do and she was like “well, there is a grocery store” dead ! Haha but it was fine. Mark found the most expensive restaurant in all of Iceland and made ben and I eat soup and bread off the floor. It was nice. All hail king Mark.

Afterwards we went back home. I took a walk on the beach but it was windy and rainy, but I still enjoyed it. Later that evening Mark and I did what real men do, and get in the hot tub *bowchikawowow*

This was actually really cool because it was super cold and raining but the super hot water of the hot tub felt so amazing and we were right on the shore so we could hear the waves crashing.. super Romant...I mean.. guns!farts!boobssss!!!

We hung out and chatted through the night, talked about this and that, and then bedtime . Mark and I had a snoring battle and the the day came. Everyone seemed a little quiet, and no one wanted to leave. We knew what awaited us when we got on that plane. A return home is nice, but responsibilities and flatlands just weren’t going to cut it for the time being. We split ways at our terminals. Ben went one way and Mark and I went another. We were going to see each other again in 6hrs but even still, there was a quiet moment when I think there wasn’t much to say, except the experiences we all had would be forever in our hearts and minds.
Iceland day 6(cont.) #storytimewithsteven

After napping , We headed home, got groceries and settled in for the night. Ben and I messed around with taking long exposure shots and then really we were gonna call it a night. Mark and I decided to go out and take a few more pictures to see if we would get some star shots, but what was about to happen would be more special than any of us could have imagined. •

Some of the shots I was getting I was seeing a green wave , but not pronounced. I almost thought it was some weird light artifact from our house or the moon or something . I took a few more and we looked at each other with hope that this could be what we wanted to see this whole trip. •

We ran back outback to an overgrown soccer field and I stared snapping the sky and we started to see Ghost like waves in the sky, but no color. My camera on the other hand was picking up color. •

Then it was like all of a sudden the sky came alive and the colors came out of nowhere. For the next 20 min we were like kids on Christmas . I was snapping photos and freaking out and ben and Mark were pointing at all the different spots in the sky. Then we all just became quiet and watched this phenomenon. This could be something I'll never see again, but I'm so glad it happened with these guys and on this trip. Definitely a story we'll remember and tell into our old age .
Iceland day 6(cont) #storytimewithsteven

Next stop we headed to gullfross, which apparently is a waterfall that is more powerful than Niagra falls , which is pretty crazy to think about because this waterfall is nowhere near as big as it but just the amount of water that comes through it is breathtaking. •

That was a cool sight to see, but still another tourist trap. But aren't we all tourist in some shape or form? Indeed. •

The next adventure happened with little warning. whilst driving back from Gullfross. Driving around a bend all of a sudden hundreds of cars were stopped on the road and everyone was getting out of their car. We followed suit and headed down the road as well. A lady was walking against the grain letting people know that 5 to 6 thousand sheep where crossing the road. WOAH! Ben and I started running to see this action. We finally got there it was definitely a site to see. So many sheep being herded across the road. The ranch hands doing their due diligent and keeping the sheep in line.• On the other end of all of this There was a lady who was trying to keep everyone at bay, and the whole thing was surreal. Here we have at least 100 people shuffling around his road watching this sheep crossing and there is a lady yelling at us to stay back. when an unruly human would try to get a closer look she'd flap her arms and make noises and the human would scurry back into the crowd. Then you have the ranch hands taking pictures of us while we were taking pictures of their sheep herd. I'm sitting there watching all of this and having this realization that we are all just sheep. It's was depressing and hilarious . I decided to walk away at that moment. •

On the walk back to the car we met an American family and they too had the same realization as I had. More interestingly the woman's sister lives in Avon, Indiana . Crazy. •

So after that sheep high we headed bingvellir national park. Here we saw a fault line and a waterfall and walked around. On the way home Mark flew his drone and Ben and I napped on some comfy volcanic soil moss. •
Iceland day 6 #storytimewithsteven. •

Today we woke up , ate breakfast, and headed out. It was a beautiful morning. No clouds at all and the temperature was perfect. First place we headed was a geyser(can you drink the water?). The geyser had its ups and downs. First, this place had wayyyyy to many people. Like it was almost suffocating. But once you see that geyser explode from the ground you sort of forget about all the tourists. It was so cool to see it in person. •

We got a tip while walking up to it from a random guy to stay on the left side of the geyser. This proved to be a great tip! What happens when a geyser is about to explode is that all the built up pressure causes a bubble to come up from the earth and this bubble is a beautiful blue. It's amazing and beautiful and I want to live inside of it. From the angle we were at we could see it perfectly . We watched the geyser go off 3 or 4 times and then bailed. •

Please excuse the picture as I’m not particularly fond of it, but I just wanted to show ya’ll what this bubble looks like before the water shoots up into the sky
Iceland day 5 #storytimewithsteven. •

Today we slept in for the first time and it was magical. Very much needed. We packed our bags and headed to skogafoss, An AMAZING waterfall(not pictured)! Unfortunately like all other Iceland landmarks this was full of tourists ,like ourselves , but it did not detract from the beauty. We then decided to walk up the 1,645,987,038 steps to the top of the waterfall. 2 things. 1) 2) the view was beautiful, but I actually found more enjoyment by walking on a path that wound itself through the lush green hills(ugh... thanks ben, ..I guess). The canyon in between hills was stunning. Green mossy rocks and beautiful falls lined the floor of the canyon. I wish there was some way that humans could swim upstream. I need that Zora tunic stat! •

It started raining so we headed back to the car . Our next destination was our house located in the golden circle. This house is amazing! It's located right at a bend of a little river , with beautiful trees all around us and amazing deck that overlooks the river and landscape beyond. Probably one of the best houses I've ever stayed, in regards to location. •

We actually didn't do much this night. We explored the town a bit but just hung out at the awesome house. We had a bunch of Gulls and a bottle of floki. We sat around and talked and laughed. We did guest videos for Ben's YouTube channel and I reviewed a toy he brought. Then mark and I got really comfortable and got in the hot tub together. You know, just 2 young bucks in a hot tub overlooking a river and forest. Ha. No, but it was cool, had some great conversations and it yeah, it definitely was one of the best nights on the trip. They smashed the Floki (I had one glass) and we killed the beers and called it a night.
Iceland day 4 (cont.) #storytimewithsteven•
To be honest it was a little disappointing. The glacier is covered with mud and dirt, and so it just looks like muddy hills. We walked in it, saw some ice caves but again, it was all muddy and melty. It definitely seems like this is a winter activity , especially cause you can go to the ice caves during that time , which I am sure is amazing.• So as we were leaving I went off on one part of the glacier and as I was walking back I got myself in a slippery spot and totally biff'd. Wrecked my hand and leg. All is good but just wasn't the best spot to take a spill. We hung out a bit longer and I challenged mark to a stone skipping competition in which I lost. I blame my freshly cut up hands though.• On the way home we saw an amazing waterfall that looked like it was just someone's property. We stopped and hung out for a bit. •

That night we went to Vik to find a place to eat and ended up at a hotel bar. Shared a few drinks and played a few cutthroat games of Uno. Friendships ended and we packed our bags and each went our separate ways. Never to talk to each other again. •
Oh also mark tried to match with girls on who were in Vik on Bumble. Didn't work. Lolz.
Iceland day 4 #storytimewithsteven. • Today started off with much promise, we started off going to a downed airplane that resides on beach . Let me take a second to tell you about this. So you start off by parking about 1,567,903 miles from the beach. Then you walk.. till the end of time. Then you find this really cool plane.. that is surrounded by tourists who think it's a great idea to get on top of the plane and prevent anyone from getting a shot of the plane with no tourists monkey'ing around on it. It is what it is though. I actually got kind of a cool shot with some stranger danger girl on the top of it. •

Actually funny side story. We were walking to the end of the world and these 2 girls like ‘mall walked’ past us. They turned around and said “uhmm, so why is everyone walking this way?” . So, we reply with “this really cool crashed airplane on the beach.” And they go. “Oh” and look at each other and turn around. They turned around!? What!? So let me get this straight... you walk like a mile and a half.. and decide that a crashed airplane is not cool enough to see after you’ve made it most of the way?? Really? So then the game began on what they WOULD have kept walking for... “oh there are FREE pumpkin spice latte’s” - gottem!• Anyway, back to the plane. we were fed up with it so we hiked around and ben and I took toy shots while mark flew his drone around. It was nice. Then we walked the 1,567,903 miles back and mark re-accounted the entire movie of "founder". Ben and I listened intently and asked him questions as if Mark was the main character. Compelling stuff. McDonald's sucks. •

So we arrived to the car, dead,and we got in and started the drive to the glacier park. The drive was nice, it was sunny out and it was cool to see the sky. We arrived to the park and decided to do a quick hike to the nearest glacier...
I just wanted to take a break to share this beautiful sunset that we had in Iceland on our way to Vic. #justtwoseconds
Iceland day 3 (continued) #storytimewithSteven

Next stop was a giant crack in the earth that people were allowed to explore the cave at the base .

I felt like this was something out of a videogame like Zelda or something. It was beautiful. The cave was amazing too but you could only go in so deep as waterfall prevents you from going forward. I guess I should clarify.. if one wanted to, they could climb around the waterfall, but you'd be very very wet, and possibly high chance of slipping. •

After that expierence we were headed to vic and off in the far distance I saw these 2 huge buildings and farther past them was what looked like a black painted church I had seen on instagram I wanted to visit! So we made a detour and it totally ended up being that church! I was really excited and got out of the car for #justtwoseconds

On our way to Vic (originally was going to be a 2 hour drive and ended up being like an 8 hour drive because of all the stops. Doh!) we stopped off at a waterfall named seljalandsfoss, and this ended up being really cool. It was beautiful and you could walk behind it. We were soaked but happy. A girl smiled at Mark. It was a big deal. •

Then just as we thought the day couldn’t get any better, We probably witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The sky on one side was dark and grey, and on the other was a bright ball of orange, and it just drool worthy. We spent so long just watching. Every min it would be just a little bit different . Cars were pulling over all along the road because it was just amazing. I have many shots from this sunset!!. •

We finally made it to Vic and to our awesome BnB. We retired for the night and decided to watch Avatar. After watching the first disc of avatar... the dvd told us to switch the disc we were like.. “ the fuuu(?)”. Defeated , we called it a night and went to bed. I had a couch bed that was in front of huge windows and the moon was big and bright. I could see a little church on a hill if I looked over my feet. Sleep was coming fast, but not before I gave once last glance at the moon and the landscape that stretched before me. Life was good.
Iceland day 3 #storytimewithsteven

Started off day 3 getting up for sunrise, only it was kind of bust. We did see the sky for the first time , but the sun was of course behind all the other clouds. It was still better than nothing though. So we packed up and headed to hellnar(as mentioned above we called it silent hill because when we first visited This town, it literally appeared out of nowhere because the fog was so thick. And that is how we dubbed hellnar silent hill. Gosh I'm such a gray story teller.) So The sole purpose of going there was to take a picture of a church on a hill . Success! There was also this super cute palmeranian running around. I felt bad, there didn't seem to be an owner but it also seemed like it was the village dog. He came with us on our exploration of the church ground and then took off into the fields. Bye cute doggie. After that we headed to snæfellsjökull to see the coast. We actually had done that on day 2 when it was insanely rainy , but we wanted another go at it. •

It was absolutely beautiful on this day. The area was breathtaking. The mixture of volcanic Rock and green moss reminded me of chocolate chip mint ice cream. Also something you can't tell, but the ground is crazy soft. It's like walking on plush rug. •

We spent about 2 hours there, and had to move on.
Continuing day 2 in Iceland ,On the way back Drove through hellnar (aka silent hill, will explain in another post), and then came back to the villiage we are staying at. Ate at one of the 3 local restaurant this village had . We sat in the bar for many hours talking and throwing back a few Gulls. The restaurant closed so we decided to go for a walk. We walked toward the ocean. It was cold at first but then the wind died down and it felt quite nice. As we approached the cliffs , a full moon was being blocked by clouds but it's glow was being cast on the top of the ocean below. It was beautiful. I only halfway regret not running back and getting my camera and tripod, but part of me is glad I soaked it in while talking with best friends about stuff like " if we fell into the water below, could we survive?" And "you know what is scary to me? dark water" and the ever classic "do you think you can drink the water?"•
We walked one more spot to see a giant arch(aka mark's Iceland lover) and once we got there the moon was peaking more through the clouds and the light that was being cast was growing more grandiose. The wind started picking up so we called it a night, as tomorrow we had a lot of activities to complete in a fairly short amount of time. •
We got home and settled in. Ben went to his bed and mark and I stayed up and talked outside for a bit more. After saying goodnight I went up to my room on the top floor. It was one of those rooms where the roof is like an A frame, and really kids are the only ones that properly stand in it. Regardless the bed was big and comfy and I had to big windows overlooking the land. •
I laid in bed and listened Julie Byrne. I thought about all the people back home and what they were doing . Most of them were probably settled in for the night, but some could be out and about tying to dust off the mondays before bed. I sent out some good thoughts to people and took one last look out the window to see the moon shining down on the land . Goodnight old friend. #storytimewithsteven
Iceland Day 2 #storytimewithsteven

Woke up, started on our drive to the next location. We Stopped at this little turnabout and went hiking and went to the top of hill that overlooked Reykjavik . It's hilarious looking back, because we thought this little dinkus hill was so cool. But this was just the beginning. •

Then we headed onward toward anarstapi. Along the way we stopped a few times to pet horses or see a herd of sheep(baa-ram-ewe!) We finally arrived at our destination and our BnB was awesome! This place is a little village and only 3 family live there all year round. Our house was right in the middle of this golden field with a great view of a mountains and the beach cliffs. It was getting Late and we hadn't eaten, so we Went to what we thought was the only restaurant. The only thing they had left was soup. It was $20. Not only was this soup $20. It was the literal bottom of the barrel. I barely got a full bowl. After throwing away my money... we Then we realized there were 2 other restaurants across the street with Larger amounts of food for same price. 😐 Umerica! •

So we ended up talking to these folks at this fish and chips food truck and even though it was raining decided we would go to to snæfellsjökull national park, about 10 min up the road. It was Freaking sweet, but raining pretty hard at this point. We walked up to a hill over looking the coast and the view was unexplainable. Smiles came across all Of our faces even though we were drenched to the bones. We agree to go back the next day because better weather was on its way....
Continuing on in our #storytimewithsteven (oh daaayum. Old school!) while we waited for time to slowly pass, we did run into my doppelgänger. Now, normally when we run into a doppelgängers we call that one "discount (enter name)" but my Iceland doppelgänger was clearly way better than me. He had a Star Wars t-shirt on.. way better hair.. way better bod, probably gets a lot of girls.. the works. So in this case.. I, the real steven, was taken down to "discount steven 😫. *sigh* •

Anyway. Life goes on. we finally Got into the aptartment. Relaxed a little bit, fought for who gets a bed ( ha ha mark got an air mattress that deflated throughout the night)then Headed over to the chuck Norris grill (yup!). Here we had our first Icelandic beer , GULL (which is not pronounced at all like you would think). From there we sat outside and ended up meeting Bill and eleen. Bill was originally from Pittsburg and had moved to Prague. While traveling he met his now gf eleen. She lived in Belgium and now this is where they both reside . We pretty much hung out with them all evening / night. •

There was also this super Stoney mcstoner stage 5 clinger guy. He would fall asleep when he talked and then wake up and have this crazy look in his eyes like he wanted to fight or something. Nothing ever happened but It started to rain so we went inside and met up with Bill and eleen at the bar above chuck norris bar called Dillion whiskey bar.
Ended the night walking around the city trying to find food(wait. That's a lie. We actually tried to climb a building. In the rain. In the dark. In a city we don't know. Lol. That lasted like 3 seconds) . Okay, so now we walked around the city trying to find food, which was also next to impossible . Everything was closed or the one place that was open was an Italian place that a plate of sphegetti was $40 American dollars. No thanks . We found a sandwich/ burger place where hot ham water(lulz) sandwich was like $15, but it worked . Headed back to the house, ate, and fell asleep. Day 1 donezo. •

P.s - stories from other days will have pictures that line up better with the stories. I really didn't take a lot of pictures in Reykjavik
The first day in Iceland had a few adventures but most of it was spent waiting around for our air BnB to allow us to check in. Ben was waiting for us with the car when mark and I arrived in Iceland at 6am on Sunday. it was really small. We could barely fit my legs and our luggage in it, but we made it work. •

So we Headed to Reykjavik and along the way we saw these beautiful cracked mounds coming out of the earth, so we pulled off the side of the road and went and explored them. It was like if a bunch of giant turtles were underground and just their shells were popping out and rocks and grass had grown on the outside of it. It was so cool. The cracks of these mounds had all had this beautiful greenery growing in it. I wanted to live in it. Only 15 min from the airport and the Vacation could be over, I didn't need to see anything else. I was satisfied. So I headed back to America. Bye Iceland . Hah. Anyway... •

Arrived in Reykjavik proper and we couldn't check into our house until 4pm.. and it was like 8:30am. Nothing was really open, so we just wandered up and down the streets. We saw Hallgrímskirkja church . And walked into any shop that was open. We went to this bakery called Brauð&Co. I bought the raisana tobella , it was awesome but not as good as mark's delicious thing that he got. (Side note: we actually don't know what it was he got. There was no label.. so he just pointed at it and said "that one". ) •

So we walked around for 12 hrs and it was only 9:30am. How can only 1 hour have had passed!? Ugh. We were so tired around noon and still had 4 hours till we could get into the house, so ben drove us to this place called Mjölnir , which yes, is Thor's hammer, BUT this place is an MMA training ground(???). Anyway, needless to say we didn't go train for MMA(I mean, I didn't want to put anyone to shame).. so instead.. we took a nap in purgatory.. I mean, the tiniest car. Basically this whole trip was training for sitting in an airplane if the olympics ever recognize airplane seat sitting as an official sport. It's definitely gaining traction to become one.
Morning! Finally started digging through allllll my Iceland shots! Revisiting this trip, even a few days after we have been home, just made me want to be back there. It was amazing. I feel like we saw so much, but there was still a lot more to explore. I have so many stories to share so I'm going to try to share the trip chronologically , but we'll see what happens. This was actually from a place we stayed at the 2nd night called anarastapi. It's a beautiful village. I will have more stories to share on this a little later. Hope everyone has a great day!
#justtwoseconds #mystopover